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Android 7 Nougat Update Your Phones: When’s Your Phone Getting It?

Android 7 “Nougat” is now OFFICIAL and rolling out to Nexus Phones. But when can the average Android user expect to get it?

Android Nougat Release Date: When Will It Be Available For Your Android Phone? 

Google shipped a complete version of Android Nougat aboard its new Pixel phones. You can read our Pixel XL Review for a full break-down on what makes these phones tick and why you’ll likely want to pick one up in 2016. The Pixel handsets are expensive, yes, but they are also two of the best phones on the planet right now. Nothing else comes close to the XL’s overall performance in the opinion of this writer, so make sure you check one out.

The thing that makes the Pixel phones so unique is their software; both run a bespoke version of Android Nougat that you simply will not find anywhere else. Exclusive features for the Pixel and Pixel XL include:

  • Google Assistant
  • Unlimited Storage For Photos and Video (even 4K video)
  • The Pixel Launcher
  • Smart Storage
  • 24/7 Support
  • Pixel Camera

But these aren’t what make the Pixel special. No. What makes the Pixel XL so special in the opinion of this writer is its overall performance. The handset simply flies; nothing can hold it down. Couple this with market-leading battery performance – the type that has to be seen to be believed – and a brilliant camera and you have one hell of an Android phone.

Google has also revealed, as of October 20, that the Google Pixel phones will be guaranteed updates to the latest Android builds for the next two years. On the firm’s “Check & update your Android version” page it promises to keep the Pixel series updated until October 2018.

“Pixel phones get Android version updates for at least 2 years from when the device became available on the Google Store. After 2 years, we can’t guarantee additional updates.”

Security updates are guaranteed for three years, however.

But if you, like the majority of Android users, aren’t rocking a Nexus handset, well, you might just have to wait that little bit longer for Android N to arrive on your device. The reasons for this are myriad. Unfortunately, long delays on Android updates, even for flagship phones, is a fact of life within the Android Kingdom.

Android 7.1 Nougat Developer Preview Lands On Nexus Handsets

Google has released a developer preview of Android Nougat 7.1 and it is now available for download on Nexus handsets.

Here’s the official line via The Big G:

“The Android 7.1 Developer Preview gives you everything you need to test your app on the new platform or extend it with new features like app shortcuts and image keyboard support. It includes an updated SDK and tools, documentation and samples, as well as emulators and device system images for running your apps on supported devices.”

“We’re continuing the model we used in N and earlier releases, and with Android 7.1 being an incremental release there are a few differences to highlight”

“Since 7.1 has already launched on Pixel, we’re delivering the initial Developer Preview at the beta quality for the Nexus lineup of devices. The goal is to tease out any device-specific issues.
We’ve finalized the new APIs as API Level 25
We’ve opened up publishing on Google Play for apps targeting the new API level, so you can update your apps soon as you are ready.”

Android 7.1.1 Nougat Update Lands On Pixel and Nexus Devices

On December 5 Google has now made Android 7.1.1 available to Google Pixel handsets, both as an over-the-air (OTA) download and as downloadable factory image files which you can load onto the device manually.

The files are available for; Pixel, Pixel XL, Nexus 6P (all carriers but Verizon), Nexus 5X, Nexus 9, Nexus 9 LTE, and the Nexus Player. The update brings some of the Pixel features to non-Pixel phones, though not all; some stuff is being kept as Pixel exclusive content. As well as this, the download includes the latest Android security patches.

As of December 12, Google has released a small, additional update patch for the Pixel and Pixel XL units designated NMF26Q, specifically for UK O2 network handsets. The update doesn’t change the build number, but simply adds some fixes that were left out of the main 7.1.1 update for reasons unknown at this time.

The changelog simply reads: “remove spaces in front of APN types so that telephony can find APNs that can handle a particular type properly”. It’s believed the fix relates to MMS media messages. It’s also expected that this update may see a wider release soon, as similar connection issues have been noted outside of the UK as well.

Samsung Launches Android 7 Nougat Beta Program

Samsung has launched a beta program for its Android 7 Nougat update where users can sign-up for early access to builds of Android 7 Nougat prior to its release.

The idea here is simple: Samsung wants to bug-test its builds of Android before pushing it out to the masses. Apple and Google both do this, so I am not surprised that Samsung has started doing it too.

Spaces in the program are limited, however, so if you’re keen on getting a spot you’ll need to act quickly. You can check for availability HERE.

“The Galaxy Beta Program is now open to Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge owners in the United States, United Kingdom, South Korea and will soon be opened up for users in China as well. Interested users first have to register, Samsung is currently accepting applicants on a first come, first served basis,” notes Sam Mobile.

It added: “Throughout the Galaxy Beta Program period, the end date of program is going to differ by country and may be subject to change as well, users to be able to truly experience Android 7.0 Nougat with Samsung’s new UX and provide the company with feedback that will help improve the experience. Those who are interested in taking part in this program must have an active Samsung Account and they must program requirements. If they do, they then have to download the Galaxy Beta Program app from Galaxy Apps or the Samsung Members app.”

Android 7.1.1 To Arrive on Nexus 6P And Other Nexus Phones From December 5

According to statements made by Vodafone Australia, the Nexus 6P will be updated OTA to Android 7.1.1 from December 6. Due to the fact that Google has previously confirmed the Nexus 6P will be updated as well as a list including the Nexus 5X, Pixel C, Nexus 6 and Nexus 9, it’s believed these too will be updated in short order after that date. However, as of November 30, Canadian carrier Rogers has itself confirmed that the Android 7.1 update will roll out from December 5, meaning that Australia’s date is by no means the earliest rollout time.

Vodafone Australia’s guide page explaining the update suggests the rollout will be phased over two weeks.

Google Pixel & Pixel XL In Canada Receive Android 7.1 Preview With New Feature

The November Android security patch has landed on Pixel and Pixel XL units, however, some users in Canada are reporting that they’ve received an additional update bringing the Android 7.1 Preview build. It’s labelled as the “Security Update + Bug Fixes”, a 261MB update with a build number “NPF26J”; the “P” denotes it as a Preview build, which isn’t supposed to just be pushed over-the-air to consumers like that, but hey, that’s what’s happened in some cases here, whether it’s a mistake or a soak test, we just don’t know.

Regardless, according to a report from 9To5Google, users have observed a new feature which is not listed in the changelog; some new options have been added to the “Moves” section regarding gestures. Two new options allow the user to check notifications on their display by either double tapping the display or simply lifting the handset. Users say this feature appears to work without any problems.

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