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Best Blog Topics To Start Your Blogging Career – Make Money

In this current scenario making money is become an important topic. Everyone earns money with different methods but believe me blogging is the best method to earn money in a safe way for a long time. To become an entrepreneur in today’s era of the internet is very easy to make money online. People have many opportunities to fulfill their dream to become an entrepreneur or we call it as a self-dependent person who is the king of his own kingdom. The Internet provides this kind of chance for the people who are ready to do hard work for them. There are many ways to make money online and the best way is to set up a blog on the world wide web from which you can earn money.

Top Blog Topics To Start Your Blogging Career Today

For every newbie in the field of blogging, it is very important to choose the right topic for the blog to start.

I would like to share that bloggers should know about the best blog topics to make money online because this information is helpful to choose their topic to write about.

As you know about the curiosity of newbie’s, they try for making money online fast as possible. Making money online is not a big deal but it is necessary for the beginners to choose perfect topic for their blog and seriously pay attention to the topic that they choose.

  • Blogging Tips:- In this era, blogging has become so famous that in every developed or developing country people are curious to start their own blog. Whoever enters in the field of blogging needs to know about blogging and how to earn money from it? Every month many people put their step in blogging and they are required to get proper blogging tips by which they can learn about blogging. Thousands of blogs are running on the internet. There are millions of tips which can help any blogger to achieve success in the field of blogging. Many good blogs are required who can provide blogging tips to newbies.
  • Technology:- There are thousands of gadgets, tool, software, and other technical stuff about which you can write. You will never face the problem of what you need to post on your blog. You will always have choices as every single day, there are hundreds of technology stuffs come in the market about which you can write at your blog. This blog may let you drive more visitors.
  • Internet Marketing:- Internet Marketing is also a great blog topic as nowadays people are trying different tricks on the internet for making money. Every person is not the expert in any particular thing, it takes the time to become an expert. In this field, people need to learn a lot before they jump in the market. There are many blogs required which can provide these people perfect knowledge about the internet marketing. You can prefer this blog topic to start with.
  • Social Media:- The power of social media can’t be described by anyone. As you all know about social media, people always remain excited to know about social media. Many people don’t have an account in any bank but they surely have their account on many social media websites. People want to keep in touch with the social media every time.
  • Entertainment Blog:- These blogs are the great source for making money online because people try to search for downloading any movie, any song, reviews etc. If you start any entertainment blog then it’s easy to figure out the content. You just need to pick up the stuff which can entertain. There is also a great possibility to get traffic from a social network.
  • Buy And Sell Blog:- You can set up a blog like olx.com. As you all know about online shopping, it has become so common that people don’t like to go outside to buy any product. Everyone wants to buy everything online and delivery at their door. If you can handle the responsibility then here you can establish a blog. Making money is really easy with this blog. You can act as an intermediate.
  • News Blog:- If you are going to start your blog on this topic then it will be updated daily and you will get more traffic to your blog through search engines. For making money you can take many affiliate links, advertisements etc on your blog. You will be provided money to show any ad of any company on your blog.
  • Celebrities Blog:- People always try to know about their stars and celebrities and you have the chance to do so. There are many celebrities in the world, some are from Bollywood, some are from Hollywood. Some belong to sports, some belong to politics. People always want to know about them. If you are interested then this is also a good topic to start a blog.
  • Educational Blog:- There are millions of student who try to learn more and more online. There are many popular blogs which provide study material for students. You can start a blog which may provide information about every subject for which students seek. You can provide many tutorials on your blog. Containing books at your blog is also a good service to provide. There is no limit of students in this world and due to them, you will not face any difficulty in making money.
  • Finance Blog:- The lust of humans to make more and more money will never end. Blogs which provide specific tricks to manage money have good future because people will never stop seeking new ways to increase their money.
  • Photo Blog:- Youth is crazy about photos and search for every kind of photo. People search for the photos of their favorite celebrity, top cars, amazing art and much more. You can start a blog which can attract people to the photos. Which can provide the data in the form of the graphics? You can get many visitors and make money is not a big deal.
  • Relationship Blog:- As you, all know nowadays relationships don’t work for a long time. People need the advice to maintain their relationship. There are many popular blogs which can capable of solving problems of many people and you can also start a blog like this. This is one topic from best blog topics to make money online.
  • Fashion Blog:- In the new era of modernization people like to be more fashionable. Everyone wants to look good. You can set up a blog which may provide proper details about present fashion stuff. You will get many visitors and make money will not be any concern because you can make your blog famous with your skills.
  • Health And Fitness Blog:- Nowadays people remain unhealthy any everyone needs fitness tips. Every young human wants to be fit for which they need to get proper guidance. If you have knowledge related to health issues then it would be better to establish a blog which can provide information about health and fitness.

To Search For Top Blog Topics To Make Money Online Shouldn’t Be First Priority

People who start to blog always think of making money online which tends them toward failure. In my opinion, bloggers should choose the topic which interests them.

They don’t think about making money. It’s about knowledge, try to learn more and don’t think about money stuff. There are many top blog topics to make money online but you can get success only with the topic you like to write on.

Try to choose your topic for the blog. Making money is very easy, don’t think about it much.

Mohit Saini is a freelancer and is actively engaged with several websites providing with articles on technology. He likes to stay updated with the current tech news related to Web Hosting and Domain Registration. For any questions, mail him 11mohitsaini@gmail.com


If You’re Not Good At Writing How To Create Informative Blog Posts

How To Create Informative Blog Posts Even If You’re Not Good At Writing

Can you relate to this scenario…

You’re sitting in front of your computer, staring at an empty screen. The deadline given to you to submit the article is fast approaching, and you’re still fighting to start putting words down when you’re supposed to already be at the editing stage.

As you sit there, struggling to get started, a strange feeling of inferiority creeps in – before your own eyes, you see yourself transforming from a confident expert into a self-conscious amateur.

The good thing?

  • You’re not alone.

I used to dislike writing a lot. In fact, the thought of sitting down for hours and writing something that I didn’t even know if anyone would read was so demotivating.

Whenever I needed to write anything, I would procrastinate, thinking that avoiding the task would make it go away. Finally, the procrastination eventually led to lots of rushed writing during the 11th hour to meet my deadlines.

This usually resulted in substandard work.

However, my primary problem wasn’t about writing; it was about fear. I feared to make mistakes, I feared that what I wrote would sound stupid to the reader, and most of all, I feared that I would not be worthy enough to be called a writer.

My Fear Was Causing Me Harm

It sounds preposterous, but my fear of producing mediocre content made writing a depressing experience for me.

I even tried compensating for my fears – I’d use big, irrelevant words trying to “prove” I understood what I was talking about. Unfortunately, all that did was make me sound like a fake jerk.

But then one day, I came across a particular piece of advice that changed everything for me. It was the best writing advice I’ve ever come across, and the best writing advice I can give to you right now:

  • Write the way you speak.

What an emancipating idea!

That sounds so easy, right?

That single piece of advice helped me eliminate my fear of writing. No more using complex, unnecessary words to impress the reader. No more fear of being inauthentic. And most importantly, I didn’t feel the need to procrastinate anymore.

I could just be myself, relax, and write exactly what was on my mind.

Now, let me make something clear: Writing the way you speak does not mean you should write content that sucks.

It’s meant solely to help get rid of the mental barriers of procrastination and fear that prevent you from being a more productive and engaging writer.

Let me show you how to use the “write the way you speak methodology” to crush your insecurities and avoid sounding like a pretentious idiot…

1. Assume You’re Chatting With A Good Friend

Great writing is an interaction between the writer and the reader. So whenever you’re writing anything, imagine yourself explaining the topic to a friend who’s sitting next to you. Think of the easiest way you would explain this topic to them.

During that conversation:

  • How would you introduce that subject?
  • What kinds of words would you use to make the topic clearer?
  • What instances and real-life examples would you give to make them understand your topic?
  • How would you make your story more relatable?
  • What questions might they ask?
  • How would you wrap up that topic so they feel satisfied with the discussion?

Writing this way will enable you to write great copy that better engages your audience, is more interesting, more informative, and exists in a conversational tone.

Simply close your eyes and imagine yourself taking with your friend. As you do this, jot down the interaction. That’s all there is to it.

2. Relax And Be Yourself

By writing the way you speak, you will also naturally inject a little personality into your writing.

After all, you’re writing in your own voice using straightforward and easy to understand English, and in a tone that makes you sound more like a human than a textbook.

Now, mix that with a few well-placed personal and relevant stories, and you have the makings of an irresistible piece of copy.

Just remember to make it natural. Don’t say anything that isn’t true, relevant, or unnecessary to the conversation.

Stick to the topic at hand and let the words come naturally.

3. Use The Same Language You Use In Your Daily Life 

If you write the way you speak, you’ll be more inspired to use regular, everyday words that you would usually use in general discussion.

This prevents you from sounding like a show off using obtuse and generally confusing language that makes your readers roll their eyes in disappointment.

Keep your writing very clear and simple without using artificially magnified language.

A good rule of thumb: If your average reader would reach for a dictionary to understand a word, then you need to change that word.

You should not try to show off because all that will happen is you will embarrass yourself.

4. Throw Away The Rule Book And Just Write

If all the rules about writing styles, passive/active voice, punctuation, and proper grammar are contributing to your insecurities about writing, throw away the “rule book” for a while, and just write.

Some people try to be very meticulous about the whole writing process, and they end up very carefully selecting each word as they craft a piece of content. This results in a very unnatural tone and an overall piece that comes across as too boring and too technical.

Just forget about everything you know about “how to write well”. Focus more on writing down the major points of your idea in your first draft, and don’t worry about any other thing right now.

The editing stage is where you need to focus on the nuts and bolts of the piece. Notice any errors? Is there anything that could be changed to add more clarity? I guarantee there are some things that need editing, and here is where you should do that. Make sure everything is clear, crisp, and free of errors.

Once you’ve made those corrections, abandon the article and look at it again the next day with fresh eyes. You will probably see some things that need to be re-edited. Now is the time to go and do that.

5. Read It Out Aloud

One of the best editing strategies is reading your writing out loud.

When you’re doing this, every awkward sentence and piece of bad grammar will become apparent. When you “write the way you speak”, your words should sound just as natural coming out as they did going in.

As you read your writings out loud, pay close attention to those places that seem to trip you up and leave you a bit confused — some extra attention for those spots is required.

Here’s the rule: If a particular sentence or paragraph doesn’t sound well on your ear, you need to rewrite it until it flows properly.

Write The Way You Speak And Overcome Writing Insecurities

For you to become an excellent and proficient writer, you must first conquer your fear of screwing up or sounding stupid. Just learn to write the way you speak, and you’ll be able to dish out your first draft effortlessly.

Once you get used to that, you’ll find that you’re actually a great writer and you’ll be able to get more writing done quickly without feeling like a fraud.

This same writing process has worked for me for many years, and I’m convinced it’ll equally work for you if you practice it.

Just write the way you speak and the piece becomes a conversation instead of a lecture.

So instead of having a handful of students listening to a professor talk about something boring, you now have a handful of friends who feel like they’re involved in the conversation.

This is how we create rapport and build trust with an audience.

And when those two things come, many more good things come, too!

What do you think about this writing technique? Have you tried it before? Have you noticed any difference in engagement? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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Mohit Saini is a freelancer and is actively engaged with several websites providing with articles on technology. He likes to stay updated with the current tech news related to Web Hosting and Domain Registration. For any questions, mail him 11mohitsaini@gmail.com


Golmaal Again FULL MOVIE HD 1080P HD 720p-Quality

[2017] Golmaal Again Full Movie Download 720p

The reviews of Secret Superstar are already out and it seems the film will catch the audience’s fancy on its first day. The makers of Golmaal Again will wait until October 20 to figure out the audience’s mood.

For Bollywood, the Diwali season is a guarantee of success. Most of the films released around Diwali in recent years have met with commercial success. The trend more or less continued even if two big ticket films released together.

Once again, two highly publicised films are clashing at the box office this year. While Aamir Khan’s Secret Superstar is releasing on October 19, Ajay Devgn’s Golmaal Again will hit the screens the next day.

However, it’s not easy to write off Golmaal Again just now, because it’s a set franchise with a dedicated audience base. Over the years, all Golmaal films have made good money at the box office.

While Golmaal Fun Unlimited (2006) earned approximately Rs 30 crore, the second film in the series, Golmaal Returns, registered a business of Rs 51 crore. Golmaal 3 hit the screens in 2010 and earned more than Rs 108 crore.

Also, Golmaal Again has been allotted more screens than Secret Superstar, to begin with, and that will also make a difference in their total collection.

Both the films have different target audiences and that may make a difference as well. Bollywood doesn’t have a history of many successful children films. On the other hand, Golmaal may catch the festive flavor.

Golmaal (English: Chaos Again) is an upcoming Indian film directed and co-produced by Rohit Shetty. It stars Ajay Devgn, Parineeti Chopra, Tabu, Arshad Warsi, Tusshar Kapoor, Shreyas Talpade, Kunal Khemu, Prakash Raj and Neil Nitin Mukesh. Golmaal Again is the fourth installment of the Golmaal film franchise and marks Devgn’s tenth film collaboration with Rohit Shetty. The production of the film began in July 2016 and principal photography commenced in March 2017 in Mumbai. The film is scheduled for a worldwide release on 20 October 2017.


Gopal (Ajay Devgn), Madhav (Arshad Warsi), Lucky (Tusshar Kapoor), Laxman Prasad (Shreyas Talpade) and Laxman (Kunal Khemu) move back to their old neighborhood in a new, palatial house. What they don’t know is that the house is haunted by a ghost, and later when they come to know about it, they become terrified. Will they be able to save themselves from this big problem?


  • Ajay Devgn as Gopal Kumar Santoshi
  • Parineeti Chopra as Priyanka
  • Tabu as Rukmini
  • Arshad Warsi as Madhav Singh Ghai
  • Tushar Kapoor as Lucky Gill
  • Shreyas Talpade as Laxman Prasad Apte
  • Kunal Khemu as Laxman Sharma
  • Prakash Raj as Sheru Bhai
  • Neil Nitin Mukesh as Pappu
  • Johnny Lever as Pappi Bhai
  • Mukesh Tiwari as Vasooli Bhai
  • Sanjay Mishra as Babli Bhai
  • Murali Sharma as Inspector Dande
  • Besant Ravi as Kabir



In July 2016, Ajay Devgan and Rohit Shetty announced Golmaal 4, the fourth installment of Golmaal marking the completion of ten years of the first Golmaal (2006).


The previous cast of Golmaal series Ajay Devgn, Arshad Warsi, Shreyas Talpade, Tushar Kapoor and Kunal Khemu were included. But Kareena Kapoor was replaced by Parineeti Chopra in November 2016. In late January 2017, Tabu was signed in for a crucial role. In February 2017, Neil Nitin Mukesh and Prakash Raj were signed in the film.


Principal photography commenced on 9 March 2017 in Mumbai at Yash Raj Studios. The Mumbai schedule was wrapped on 2 April 2017.


20 October 2017 was announced as the release date of the film, coinciding with Diwali.


Golmaal Again
Soundtrack album by Amaal Mallik, S. Thaman, and Lijo George-DJ Chetas
Released 6 October 2017
Genre Soundtrack
Length 16:06
Language Hindi
Label T-Series
Amaal Mallik chronology
Golmaal Again
Badrinath Ki Dulhania
S. Thaman chronology
Raju Gari Gadhi 2
Golmaal Again
Lijo George-DJ Chetas chronology
Golmaal Again
Singles from Golmaal Again
  1. “Golmaal Title Track”
    Released: 23 September 2017
  2. “Maine Tujhko Dekha”
    Released: 29 September 2017

The music of the film has been composed by Amaal Mallik, S. Thaman and Lilo George-DJ Chetas while the lyrics of the film have been penned by Kumaar. The first track of the film titled as “Golmaal (Title Track)” sung by Brijesh Shandilya and Aditi Singh Sharma was released on 23 September 2017. The second track of the film “Maine Tujhko Dekha” from the 1997 film Ishq has been recreated for this film in the voices of Neeraj Shridhar and Sukriti Kakar and was released on 29 September 2017. The soundtrack was released on 6 October 2017 by T-Series.


The makers of the famous franchise unite again, this time presenting a film high on steroids – to bring the house down with laughter and fun. The same madness, extreme level of fun and more craziness will make Golmaal Again one of the best entertainers of 2017. The original cast reunites along with powerhouse performers like Tabu and Parineeti Chopra making this franchise one of the most awaited Diwali releases of the year.

Golmaal Again is a fun filled ride about two gangs who are unable to stand each other since their childhood and how they repulse each other even after they grow up. Golmaal Again is just another hilarious adventure with its fair share of thrills & action that are sure to surprise the audience and fill their hearts with laughter and joy. It is a film that will certainly make everyone laugh, cry and realize the importance of how beautiful life is.

Golmaal Again 4 2017 Hindi Full Movie Download 720pHD Golmaal Again 2017 movie Full HD Movie Download Latest Bollywood Movie 2017


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4 Reasons | Why Blogging Is Much Better Than A Regular Job

Blogging Is Much Better Than Any “Regular” Job

Blogging is the best way to earn money in less time. Some masses think that blogging is a hard job as compare to other jobs but I would like to tell those multitudes blogging is very easy and we can earn good amount of money from these simple posts.

The money might be the reason you start, but what will motivate you for years to come will probably be something else.

It’s always better to know what you are getting into, so we want to share some of the reasons why blogging is much better than a traditional job.

Here is a list to keep you working on your blog and make your dreams come true.

1. You Can Work Anywhere you want

I start work when I get up… after a 1-minute commute (from my bedroom)!

I stop when I want.

I take a break and go shopping or head to the gym whenever I feel like it.

You guessed it. I work from home.

As a blogger, you can too.

The great thing about removing your attachment to a job and a location is the freedom it brings. Being able to work at home, or anywhere else you like, is usually the first thing that comes to mind.

I often work when I am visiting any different place, or even when I am on the road traveling. It does not matter. My laptop is my office.

Maybe you have young children or a dog that needs walking every day. Wouldn’t working from home make your life a whole lot easier (and cheaper – less fuel, less dog walker costs, etc.)?

That is just one scenario. I bet you have your own reasons why working from anywhere is pretty awesome.

Try it and you’ll know!

2. You Can Earn However Much You Want To Earn

One of the things that really used to annoy me when I was “working” for a living was begging for a small pay rise each year. It was always the same, no matter where I worked. Even if I had worked my butt off (and usually I did), I would still rarely get more than a few percent raise. That is just the way it works.

Of course, you can get a new job or shoot for a promotion, but this is harder to do and doesn’t happen that often.

With blogging and the online world in general, the control is all yours. Want to work longer hours, or harder and smarter? You can earn a lot more!

3. There Are So Many Ways To Earn Money

When you think of blogging, you probably imagine writing blog posts. But, if you want to earn serious money with your blog, you will have to diversify your income streams. This means increasing the breadth of what you do.

It also means facing lots of challenges and changes and adapting fast. But the benefits are huge.

You will never get bored with the “same old thing”. And, on top of that, you kind of get to choose what you focus on most.

No one is there to tell you what needs to be done, or what direction “the company” is focusing on right now. That is entirely up to you.

So, if you want to start earning more money from teaching what you know (because you love to teach), go for it! Or maybe you want to sell your knowledge as a service, helping other bloggers or small businesses to work with WordPress, social media, or anything else you are good at.

4. Blogging Never Gets Boring

Yes, you can choose what you want to do. But you will also learn like you have never learned before.

Blogging, and working online in general, requires such a varied skill set that it will blow your mind.

You need to learn so many skills to blog, including (but not limited to):

  • Running a website.
  • Writing blog posts.
  • Working with social media.
  • Using a variety of online software (images, email software, analytics).
  • Working and collaborating with people.
  • Managing, hiring, and outsourcing.

The things I need to learn and focus on seem to never end. In fact, as your blog grows and what you are working on changes, the list of skills you need to have grows and changes.

The next point is additional. You can say it is bonous for you hope you like it.

5. The People You Meet Are Amazing

When you are doing what you love, you tend to attract like-minded people. That is one of the huge benefits of blogging and working independently.

My whole outlook has changed, and with it, so has my circle of friends.

I now look for and hang out with people who understand how I think and what I do. As well as that, I love talking about new ideas, learning new things, and just being surrounded by people with passion.

When I was at my “traditional” job, it was usually the opposite. Sure, some people loved their jobs, but it was the exception, not the rule. And this is not an inspiring way to spend the majority of your life; bored and uninspired.

When you do what you love, your life will never be the same.


Mohit Saini is a freelancer and is actively engaged with several websites providing with articles on technology. He likes to stay updated with the current tech news related to Web Hosting and Domain Registration. For any questions, mail him 11mohitsaini@gmail.com



The annual Cannes Film Festival, maybe an occasion to celebrate cinema across the globe but the event has also become a high-end fashion hub, where a bevy of dazzling beauties makes stunning style statements that often outshine the movies that are being promoted at the fest.

Over, the past few years, Indian beauties too, alongside some big Hollywood names, are seen making impeccable style statements at this fashion extravaganza. This year too, our desi kudis left no stones unturned to make heads turn at the Festival De Cannes 2017.

Here’s are the Bollywood girls who made jaws drop at the French Riviera this year…

Deepika Padukone 

The Padmavati actress was quite a sight to behold at the Cannes Film Festival 2017. Deepika attended the fest as the global brand ambassador of L’Oréal Paris and made an impact with her dazzling looks which were all styled by Elizabeth Saltzman.

Deepika nailed her red carpet debut at Cannes this year in a risqué, off-shoulder Marchesa gown. The diva completed her daring looks with Jimmy Choo heels and De Grisogono jewels. She surely bedazzled everyone with her bold outfit.

For her media interactions, she chose a stunning bright red floral gown by Johanna Ortiz and completed her look with some vibrant turquoise eye make-up and made our hearts flutter with her sheer beauty.

That’s not all, on day two, the sexy siren ruled the red carpet in a gorgeous Brandon Maxwell ensemble. Deepika even amazed everyone with her other super chic appearances at the French Riviera.

Sonam Kapoor

Year after year, fashionista Sonam Kapoor has made astonishing appearances at the Cannes Film Festival and this year was no different. The Bollywood belle didn’t fail to allure onlookers at the 70th Cannes film festival.

She looked nothing less than a pastel princess in her rose gold Elie Saab floral gown. She enhanced her shimmering look with a custom made jewelry from Kalyan jewelers.

The Neerja actress even pulled off an ethnic look with a modern twist in a multicolored sari from NorBlack NorWhite. She looked uber glamorous in this ensemble.

She also made a stunning appearance in a floaty gown from Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla, looking almost ethereal. Sonam was also spotted in a bright Anamika Khanna outfit.

International designer Elie Saab is clearly our lady’s favorite as she slain in a golden gown with a daring décolletage on the red carpet again.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

It is safe to call Aishwarya Rai Bachchan the queen of Cannes. The 43-year-old diva mesmerized everyone at Cannes with her scintillating looks and her sheer gorgeousness.

The former miss world stunned everyone around her in a magical Cinderella inspired gown by Dubai-based Filipino designer Michael Cinco. Her magnificent look is one of the most talked about looks at Cannes 2017. Must say everyone was surely enthralled by this charming queen.

On the third day at Cannes, Ash chose a delicate peach lace gown from Mark Bumgarner’s collection. She looked rather lovely in this one and completed her look with bright red lipstick.

For yet another appearance, Aishwarya Rai looked elegant in a graceful green dress from Yanina Couture. The dress had beautiful layers and multicolored embroidery. The emerald color of the dress brilliantly complimented the diva’s eyes. Her make-up was on point and she looked like a goddess.

Ash yet again slew in a bold and beautiful off shoulder black dress from Ashi Studio and then once again stole the show at the red carpet in a bright red gown by Ralph and Russo.

Ash certainly made jaws drop during her sixteenth appearance at Cannes.

Amy Jackson

The Singh Is Bling actress was also among the other Bollywood actresses who stole the show at the French Rivera. She made a stunning appearance in a gorgeous Georges Hobeika ensemble.

The lady was later spotted in a comfy yet chic outfit designed by Selma Çilek at the Kodak motion picture film party.

Amy was also seen looking elegant in a stylish dress by Atelier Versace at the Global Gift Initiative Gala at Cannes.

Shruti Haasan
Shruti Haasan who was at Cannes to promote her film Sangamithra looked effervescent in a daring black Alvaro Figlio dress on her first day at the fest.

the actress chose a black chic Valentino dress and looked effortlessly sexy at another do at the French Riviera.

Mohit Saini is a freelancer and is actively engaged with several websites providing with articles on technology. He likes to stay updated with the current tech news related to Web Hosting and Domain Registration. For any questions, mail him 11mohitsaini@gmail.com


Half Girlfriend Movie Download 2017 Video 3GP Mp4 FLV 720p HD- 699 mb

Half Girlfriend is a Bollywood romantic drama movie, based on the novel of the same name written by Chetan Bhagat. The movie stars Arjun Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor in the lead roles.

Half Girlfriend Movie Cast

The Half Girlfriend movie cast comprises of two Kapoor, its Arjun, and Shraddha Kapoor. Arjun, 31, plays Madhav Jha, a basketball player who joins a college in Delhi while Shraddha, 29, features as Riya Somani, also a basketball enthusiast in the film.

Half Girlfriend Movie Story

The story is about a Bihari boy falling in love with a girl from upper-class society. The role of Bihari boy Madhav Jha will be played by Arjun Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor plays the role as Riya Somani.

Movie Details

  • Name: Half Girlfriend
  • Cast:  Arjun Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor
  • Director: Mohit Suri
  • Writer: Chetan Bhagat
  • Release Date: 7 October 2016
  • Language: Hindi
  • Size:  00 MB Coming Very Soon
  • Quality:  HD
  • Genres:  Love, Romance

Half Girlfriend Movie 720p In Full HD Download. Free Download Half Girlfriend Hindi Movie Full 720pHD High Definition with Single Click Download.


Half Girlfriend is based on one novel of the same name by Chetan Bhagat. Half Girlfriend Novel is about young Bihari boy who always tries to win the girl’s heart he loves. As the movie is based on Half Girlfriend Novel so here we are sharing guess plot information from the book. Young boy name Madhav Jha from Dumraon. He comes to meet the author Chetan Bhagat and after meeting, he leaves behind a few journals from his half girlfriend, who he believe has died and next day Chetan Bhagat calls him to hear his story. The story includes how he get his admission to St. Stephens and trouble during that and then how he fall in love with a girl name Riya Somani, who is from Delhi but unfortunately, she refuses him and decides to not make any contact with her. After a year Riya marries and after some time, she gets divorced and in one incident she came across with Madhav who is now trying to make a speech in English to convince bill gates for help for school which is run by his mother. After speech she left him a letter saying she has cancer then he starts tracking her and end up finding her in New York and they finally get married.

Half Girlfriend In 720p Full HD Free Download

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Sarkar 3 (2017) Movie Download MP4 3gp DVDScr 600MB(HD)

Sarkar 3 Full movie starring Amitabh Bachchan has been leaked online, following which sites have been offering links with free download option.

The third film in Ram Gopal Varma’s Sarkar trilogy, which chronicles the exploits of a powerful political figure.


Ram Gopal Varma


P. Jaya Kumar, P. Jaya Kumar (story and screenplay)


Amitabh Bachchan, Yami Gautam, Jackie Shroff


The third film in Ram Gopal Varma’s Sarkar trilogy, which chronicles the exploits of a powerful political figure.

Taglines: Angrier than ever.


Crime | Drama


UA |






Release Date:

12 May 2017 (USA)

Box Office


INR 550,000,000 (estimated)

Company Credits

Production Co:

AB Corp Ltd., Alumbra Entertainment, Company

Show detailed company contact information on IMDbPro »

Technical Specs

Runtime: 130 min

You can download this movie from here – moviescounter.com

Amitabh Bachchan-starred Sarkar 3 is the latest victim of piracy as the full movie has been leaked online. Several sites are offering links to watch Sarkar 3 full movie online or download it for free.

Directed by Ram Gopal Varma, Sarkar 3 is the third installment of the popular franchise. It was released on May 12, and in no time, the movie has been leaked for viewers to watch it online or download it for free.

Sarkar 3 witnessed a slow start at the box office, and now the news of the full movie being available on the internet will certainly give shock-waves to the producers. Although the print is not of HD quality, it is good enough for people who would like to watch the movie sitting in the comfort of their house.

Even many people have been sharing the pirated links on social media. Piracy has been a major issue for Bollywood as almost each and every movie gets leaked online just after a day of its official release. Sometimes, films are made available online even before the official release.

While the previous two installments of the series had received good response from the audience and critics, Sarkar 3 failed to impress the majority of the masses. Although Amitabh Bachchan’s performance has been well appreciated, it has been said that the movie lacked a good script.

With negatives reviews and poor word of mouth, Sarkar 3 has been struggling at the box office even on its first weekend. And now having been leaked online, this will definitely affect the movie’s collection even more. Moreover, SS Rajamouli’s Baahubali 2 has still been running strong at the commercial circuits that further made things hard for Sarkar 3.

User Reviews

Political drama with dark overtones.

Note: Pls watch the Sarkar 1 and 2 for a better understanding of the story and characters.

The Sarkar franchise continues from where it left off in Sarkar-2 with Amitabh portraying the role of Sarkar, head of the most powerful family in Maharashtra’s politics. The plot revolves around the conflict between Sarkar and the unscrupulous builder lobby over a plot of land to be redeveloped.

After the death of both his sons, Sarkar is shown to have aged but is certainly not down and out.He is now ably supported his 2 lieutenants Gokul (Ronit Roy) and Raman (Parag) who is mute. His grandson Shivaji (Amit Sadh), Kay Kay Menon’s son (who has been bumped off by Abhishek B in Sarkar1) comes backs into his life and things take a turn for the worse.

Twists in the plot: 1)Are Shivaji’s intentions Honorable or is he actually the vengeful son who has turned up to avenge his father’s death??

2)The other twist is when Gokul is coerced into joining the enemies of Sarkar by exploiting his insecurity after Shivaji’s entry into Sarkar’s life and the irresistible offer of having Sarkar’s position and status in Maharashtra’s politics. Has he actually turned traitor or is he still loyal to Sarkar & working covertly for him??

The plot moves through these ever-changing twists and turns before the truth is finally unveiled in the climax.

Cast: Amitabh as Sarkar is amazing & gives a restrained performance, delivering shock value exactly when required. Awesome screen presence!!!

Ronit Roy is also great as Sarkar’s right hand who controls everything behind the scenes without too many dialogues, mostly conveying his emotions through his eyes only.

Amit Sadh plays his part to the T, as an impetuous & reckless young man, trying to prove himself a worthy successor in the eyes of his grandfather.

Yami Gautam as Sadh’s girlfriend has a chilling, unblinking, vengeful look throughout which gives you the creeps. This could’ve been better exploited … alas !!

Manoj Vajpayee’s character of a power hungry politician could’ve been better to make a substantial impact on the film. Not bad but a bit too loud !!!

Jackie Shroff as the dog cum crooked businessman mouths cryptic dialogues which can rack your brain all night long…if you try to make sense of them, is funny to say the least !!

Verdict : Most of the film hovers in the dark . This darkness has been used effectively along with the “Govinda Govinda” background score to jolt you throughout the film. The Ganesh aarati song by Amitabh is great and is the only song in the whole movie.

The climax is worth waiting for and the twists and turns in the plot keep you firmly grounded to your seat.

Well directed by Ramgopal Verma, albeit with a few loose ends as far as some of the characters go. Not bad at all .

Watch it if you are a fan of the Sarkar franchise. I can assure you that the characters will keep you thoroughly engrossed.


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Apple Iphone 6 Big Discount Sale Buy Now Maximum Price Off

In what can be considered as the biggest discount yet, an ongoing Flipkart iPhone 6 exchange offer that brings down the price of the smartphone’s 16GB Space Grey to as low as Rs. 9,990. The Flipkart iPhone 6 offer provides up to Rs. 22,000 discount on the 16GB Space Grey variant, making it possible to buy the device under Rs. 10,000 when one includes the Rs. 5,000 flat discount being offered alongside.

The Flipkart iPhone 6 exchange offer is accompanied with an extra 5 percent instant discount on Axis Bank Buzz Credit Cards as well. As we mentioned, the e-commerce site is offering a flat Rs. 5,000 off (13 percent) on the iPhone 6 Space Grey 16GB variant, and is selling it for Rs. 31,990. The company is also touting an additional Rs. 2,000 off on regular exchange value under the Flipkart iPhone 6 exchange offer.

Flipkart’s iPhone 6 offer provides up to a maximum of Rs. 22,000 discount on the exchange of old phones. This discount varies depending on the model, but we discovered that exchanging the iPhone 6s garners the maximum discount (Rs. 22,000). However, it is unlikely that anyone would exchange their functional iPhone 6s unit with 3D Touch for a two-year-old iPhone 6 that has been outdated for quite some time.

Other models, such as Moto X Play, Xiaomi Redmi Mi 4, OnePlus One, and Asus ZenFone 2, get discounts of Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 6,000 as part of the Flipkart iPhone 6 exchange offer.

The iPhone 6 16GB Silver variant has not got the Rs. 5,000 price cut and is available for Rs. 36,990. However, the exchange offer is applicable offering a maximum of up to Rs. 20,000 discount. The iPhone 6 was launched in 2015, while the latest phone from Apple is the iPhone 7. Flipkart is offering an exchange discount of up to Rs. 20,000 on all of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models.

The big highlights of the iPhone 7 are that the base variant has been bumped up to 32GB, the physical press of the Home Button and the 3.5mm audio jack have been removed. The larger iPhone 7 Plus also introduced a dual camera setup for the first time.

Flipkart is hosting another Apple festival, which will end on July 10. One of the top deals being advertised on Flipkart is the Apple iPhone 6 at Rs 29,990. The iPhone 5s is also available for Rs 18,999, although the latest iPhone 7 has only marginal 7 per cent discount, and the iPhone 6s is at Rs 44,000 with another Rs 20,000 off on exchange.

There are some deals on the Apple authorized accessories as well and discounts on an older MacBook Pro, MacBook Air (8GB RAM+128GB storage) with another Rs 7000 off on exchange for Mac buyers.

Of course, users will be most interested in the iPhone 6 offer. Technically the deal on the iPhone 6 is this: The price without exchange is Rs 27,990, but if you are exchanging it with an older device you can get up to Rs 24,000 off on exchange. Additionally, Flipkart is giving Rs 4,000 off on regular exchange value, which will bring the price to Rs 23,990 under the exchange. There’s also an extra 5 per cent off on Axis Bank Buzz Credit Cards.

Technically if you’re buying the device on the exchange, the phones likely to fetch the highest discount are iPhone models higher than the 6, which makes little sense. Older higher-end phones have a better potential for those looking to get the new iPhone 6 with the exchange if you want a higher discount.

So should you buy the iPhone 6 or even the iPhone 5s? The iPhone 8 will launch in the next seven months or so, which will technically make the iPhone 6 that was launched nearly three years back. Essentially you’ll be paying for Rs 25,000 plus for a device with outdated specifications. Onboard storage space is also limited to 16GB, which is an important consideration. But this doesn’t mean performance will be a problem on the iPhone.

Also read Apple iPhone 7 review: This phone still sets the benchmarks

At Rs 25,000 plus, it is possible to get phones with newer specifications and a better battery life. Options in the list include OnePlus 3, OnePlus 3T; the latter sports the latest Snapdragon 821 and a bigger 3600 mAh battery, but is slightly more expensive. The ZTE Nubia Z11 is another good phone, though priced at Rs 29,999. Asus Zenfone 3 series has phones in the Rs 25,000 range and even lower, some of which sport good battery life. Samsung’s Galaxy A9 Pro, Galaxy A7 2016 are also options in the Rs 25,000 range, as is the Moto Z Play.

But are there any advantages to the getting the iPhone 6 over these phones? If you’re planning to upgrade in the next six months, then the iPhone makes for a better buy. An iPhone’s exchange value will always be higher compared to any other phone company on the market, no matter what the specifications. Just go and compare exchange discounts with any other phone vs the Apple iPhone on Flipkart; the latter will always fetch a higher discount.

If you are on an iPhone 4s or iPhone 5s and have been using an iPhone for a really long time, and don’t want to leave iOS, the iPhone 6 is a good option. The iPhone 6 has a 4.7-inch Retina HD display, A8 chip comes with an excellent 8MP camera, which can put most of the competition to shame. But the iPhone 6 doesn’t have OIS, while the iPhone 6 Plus does, which is better for low-light shots.

If you’ve been wanting to get an iPhone for a while now, and don’t want to pay Rs 40,000 plus, the iPhone 6 is a deal to consider. But for those who need a fast phone with a good camera, remember the iPhone is not the only option anymore.


LAUNCH Announced 2014, September
Status Available. Released 2014, September
BODY Dimensions 138.1 x 67 x 6.9 mm (5.44 x 2.64 x 0.27 in)
Weight 129 g (4.55 oz)
– Apple Pay (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX certified)
DISPLAY Type LED-backlit IPS LCD, capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
Size 4.7 inches (~65.8% screen-to-body ratio)
Resolution 750 x 1334 pixels (~326 PPI pixel density)
Multitouch Yes
Protection Ion-strengthened glass, oleophobic coating
– Display Zoom
PLATFORM OS iOS 8, upgradable to iOS 10.3
Chipset Apple A8
CPU Dual-core 1.4 GHz Typhoon (ARM v8-based)
GPU PowerVR GX6450 (quad-core graphics)
MEMORY Card slot No
Internal 16/32/64/128 GB, 1 GB RAM DDR3
CAMERA Primary 8 MP, f/2.2, 29mm, phase detection autofocus, dual-LED (dual tone) flash, check quality
Features 1/3″ sensor size, 1.5 µm pixel size, touch focus, geo-tagging, face/smile detection, HDR (photo/panorama)
Video 1080p@60fps, 720p@240fps, check quality
Secondary 1.2 MP, f/2.2, 31mm, 720p@30fps, face detection, HDR, FaceTime over Wi-Fi or Cellular
SOUND Alert types Vibration, proprietary ringtones
Loudspeaker Yes
3.5mm jack Yes
– 16-bit/44.1kHz audio
– Active noise cancellation with dedicated mic
COMMS WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, dual-band, hotspot
Bluetooth 4.0, A2DP, LE
NFC Yes (Apple Pay only)
Radio No
USB 2.0, reversible connector
FEATURES Sensors Fingerprint (front-mounted), accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer
Messaging iMessage, SMS (threaded view), MMS, Email, Push Email
Browser HTML5 (Safari)
Java No
– Siri natural language commands and dictation
– iCloud cloud service
– MP3/WAV/AAX+/AIFF/Apple Lossless player
– MP4/H.264 player
– Audio/video/photo editor
– Document editor
BATTERY Non-removable Li-Po 1810 mAh battery (6.9 Wh)
Stand-by Up to 250 h (3G)
Talk time Up to 14 h (3G)
Music play Up to 50 h
MISC Colors Space Gray, Silver, Gold
SAR US 1.18 W/kg (head)     1.18 W/kg (body)
SAR EU 0.98 W/kg (head)     0.97 W/kg (body)
Price group 9/10
TESTS Performance Basemark OS II: 1252 / Basemark X: 15841
Display Contrast ratio: 1213 (nominal), 3.838 (sunlight)
Camera Photo / Video
Loudspeaker Voice 66dB / Noise 65dB / Ring 72dB
Audio quality Noise -94dB / Crosstalk -73.4dB
Battery life

Disclaimer. We can not guarantee that the information on this page is 100% correct.

Apple iPhone 6 (Space Grey, 16 GB)

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How To Earn Money Online Without Investment

It is about How to earn money online in India without investment from home

Here you can know. How to earn money online in India without investment from home  Everyone need money for living. Money is a basic need of every human being. I remember when I am in college I always want to find some methods or work from which I can earn some money online.So basically here I will tell about some basic and top 5 ways to earn money online. So let’s start. And here we go.

How to earn money online in India without investment from home.

In Today topic I will discuss my favorite five methods from you can earn money. So without wasting any more time. Let’s start with the first one.

1. From Blogging:

Blogging is the best method to earn money online. Many new bloggers are coming every year in the industry so the competition is tough. What you can earn a living from Blogging if your blog gets famous.

Here how you can start blogging. If you want you can start blogging on Google’s self-hosted platform blogger for free. You can Create a website using a custom domain to start blogging.But the main thing is getting traffic on your site. You can try viral marketing or social media platform to generate traffic.you can earn money from Blogging by google Adsense ads. There are many other ads you can use to monetize your blog.

Now if you want to generate some organic traffic. Here are some Some SEO strategies you can use to rank higher in google.

2. Youtube:

Youtube is another one good way to earn money online.You just have to create a channel on YouTube using your email address.According to the youtube policies when you get 10000 views on your channel you can monetize your channel using Google Adsense. Adsense is the best method to earn money from youtube.

If your channel gets famous. You can also earn money by affiliate marketing. By selling products in your videos. Another way to earn is from live video by demanding the tip from them during video live.

3. Facebook Fan page:

You can earn good money through facebook. Here are 5 methods to earn money from facebook. You can earn money from facebook by creating a facebook page. By direct selling stuff to your audience.

You can earn money from facebook page by doing affiliate marketing on your FB fan page. Another way from earning money from facebook page is promoting others products on your page.

4. By Typing jobs.

You can earn money from different types of online typing jobs. The famous ones are mega types and 2captcha. But their price is not good speaking frankly. You can’t earn more from this method.

You can only earn 100 to 200 rs every day from this method.

5. By freelancing:

You can earn money by becoming a freelancer. A very famous site for a freelancer is Fiverr. Where you can sell your work online. You just have to create an id on there. Then just create a gag about what you can do and how much money you want from that particular work.

After creating it. If someone wants gig from you. He will contact through Fiverr and you can earn money.

6. Mystery Shopper

In this concept, you have to become a secret agent of the company & try different products of the company at their outlets.

Here you have to check your experience as a client & submit your feedback to the company.

e.g. Raymond wants to know, what treatment their customers get when they go for shopping at their outlet in a particular city.

Or a chain of hotels wants to know, how their customers feel while they stay at their hotels.

You have to actually shop or stay at hotels & all the expenses are provided by the company.

You will get paid for all these real experiences.

7. Buy Sell Domain

If you are looking for something that can make you great money then this business idea is for you. You can buy domains at low prices from GoDaddy or other domain registrar and then sell it to the needy people for a much higher price.

Here you need to do the research to find good domains and book them. After some time, you can put your domains for auctions.

You can get minimum 10 times to 1000 times of the original domain price depending on the quality of the domain name.

8. Sell Photos Online

This is another online job you can earn a good income from. Nowadays, everyone has got their own smartphone.

If you like to shoot good photos of nature, animals, real life incidents, places etc. then you can sell your photos on a number of photo selling websites like PhotoBucket, Shutterstock, iStock etc.

So next time, you use your mobile phone to shoot photos, you try to catch good photographs and sell these photos on the above sites.

9. Selling Online

If after reading the title “selling online”, you think, this work is not for you then you are wrong.

There are many normal people like you who are earning good regular income by selling different products on sites like eBay, Amazon, Flipkart and others.

You just need to find out a good product, signup on any or all of these sites, list your product with your price and start selling the same.

You don’t need to talk to anyone to sell online on these sites. You will receive the order in your mailbox and then deliver the same through a courier or post.

So you can see, there are numerous ways of earning money from online jobs sitting at home. All you have to do is review them thoroughly & then focus on one that fits in your interest.

My word on earn money online:

I am a very positive person. So if I want to say something on earning money online.I will say only 3 things yes you can. Earning money online is not that tough. You just have to choose right methods. Don’t get stuck in any online fraud. Just give your 100 % to your best way of earning and you will surely succeed.

Note: This article is just for knowledge purpose. I did not take guarantee any of them. The photo credit is gone to the flicker.com. All rights reserved. Please contact us if you have any query by commenting below.

Mohit Saini is a freelancer and is actively engaged with several websites providing with articles on technology. He likes to stay updated with the current tech news related to Web Hosting and Domain Registration. For any questions, mail him 11mohitsaini@gmail.com


Jio Lyf Flame 8 Price Specification And Review Is It Worth To Buy It

Lyf flame 8 reviews, price, and specification.

Today we gonna review Lyf flame 8 mobile phone.You can get a free Jio sim with it because it is Jio product. This is a 4g volte supported mobile phone. You can buy it from nearby mobile stores in just 4500 rs. A 4g volte phone in just 4500 rs is good. But is it worth to buy it. So if you plan to buy it keep reading it on.

Lyf flame 8 price and specification:

flame 8


You can easily buy this phone from local stores in just 4500 rs . Price may be different in your regions.


Lyf flame 8 have a 11.43cms(4.5)FWVGA Display . Which is quite good. Colours are more brighter.


Lyf flame 8 have dual cameras 8mp+ 5mp camera. Which is not good just average. Photos click by it are not of good quality


So here comes with the battery section. It have 2000 mah battery. But it is not good. I have to charge it two times in a day.


It have 8 gb rom and up to 32 expandable. It have 1 gb ram which is quite good.It supported 10 languages.

Operating systems:

It runs on Android lollipop 5.1.1 version. Two sim card slots 4g +2g and 1.1 GHz quad-core processor.It makes it fast. But not up to the mark.


You will get a back cover of low quality with it. A charger, data cable and a earphone.The accessories were not good just average stuff.


It comes with dual sim card slots. One of which support 4g and another one is 2g supported.It comes with volte option. You can place calls on 4g network using volte which is good.

A quick review of the phone:

The phone is just an average smart phone. I am using it from more than six months. But it did not perform according to my expectations. But it is a good deal if you want a 4g volte enabled phone in just 4500 rs. Speaking frankly it is not for heavy internet usage. It’s battery  getting low very quickly.as I mentioned earlier I have to charge it two times in a day. It is crazy lol. The camera is not of good quality . The pictures clicked by it are not good. It has quad core processor but fails to load heavy games and apps. Some of its feature are good to like 4g sim card and volte support which make it worth to buy in such a small price.

If you are interested you can go ahead and buy it. If you have low budget definitely buy it .But if your budget is more think for other best option and  you can get in the market.Because its price is low it does not mean it is useless.

Is it worth to buy it?

Personally speaking frankly I think it is not worth to buy it. It can give you 4g support and volte support. But it’s drawbacks are more powerful than its feature. One should what to do with 4g and volte if he is out of his battery.So keeping it in mind that if you are on low budget then you can go for it another wise don’t go for it. If you want to buy an awesome phone more than your expectation you can buy cool pad note 5 just in 11000 rs. This is the best phone for the android user with minimum price and maximum features. You can order this ph with amazon. You can decide which phone is best for you. Here is the order link.


And Get iPhone discount


Mohit Saini is a freelancer and is actively engaged with several websites providing with articles on technology. He likes to stay updated with the current tech news related to Web Hosting and Domain Registration. For any questions, mail him 11mohitsaini@gmail.com