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How To Find Top Keyword- Keyword Research Trends That Matter In 2017

Keyword Research Trends That Matter In 2017

Despite what you’ve been hearing, keyword research isn’t dead. Without keywords, there is no SEO… right? Let’s look at the facts.

93% of online experiences in 2016 started with a search, and the search starts with words. Keywords will remain relevant as long as people use words to interact with search engines. The only thing that has changed are the additional factors that have influenced how we use keywords for SEO.

The truth is that search engines are no longer looking only at keywords, but also value many other factors. Keywords are now just a miniscule part of the pie. That is not to say that keyword discovery isn’t important. In fact, it is important in the way you go about it: we need to go levels deeper – to the precise level that users are searching for, and search engines are indexing for.

This post will focus on the three main focuses of valuable keyword research in 2017:

(1) user intent
(2) long-tail keywords
(3) Google voice search

User Intent

User intent is critical to keyword research and discovery in 2017. Marketers need to understand how to work together with search engines to provide the content users really want. After all, it’s not about attracting visitors to your site, but the right kind of visitors.

So what exactly is user intent? User intent refers to “a user’s ultimate objective or goal” in making a search query. Every single search query has an intent, a goal, perhaps a problem the user wants to solve.

For example, a search query of “Chandigarh to Delhi” gives me flight schedules. Adding “travel” to make it “Chandigarh to Delhi travel” does not only provide me with flight results but bus and car information as well.

Adding one word to a search query greatly impacts the results of the search as Google automatically recognizes the change in intent. In fact, Google refines its algorithms 500-600 times a year to get user intent right. And if Google is focusing on it, so should you.

You need to make user intent central to your keyword research. It is critical that you understand your user’s goals when they make search queries. This understanding or lack of it could make or break your organic traffic.

The great thing is that user intent is pretty easy to figure out the longer the search query is. Long queries give us a lot of information on what a user exactly wants so we can give it to them. They also enable us to get targeted organic traffic for long-tail keywords. Speaking of which…

Long-Tail Keywords

I’m sure you’ve heard long-tail keywords uttered over and over again by marketers in 2016 (and even before). It looks like it’s set to dominate 2017 as well. I’m sure you’re already familiar with long-tail keywords, being that you’ve been focusing on them, but let’s cover the basics first before we delve into how to successfully incorporate it into your SEO strategy.

What are long-tail keywords? Long-tail keywords are search terms with four or more words. In fact, 51% of all search queries in 2016 contained four or more words (source).

So where should you start off on finding relevant long-tail keywords for your business? Well, you need to first find actual terms that are being used in your specific industry or field.

You don’t need to use the expensive keyword research tools to get a good list of long-tail keywords. There are some free keyword research tools that will give you a good list to start with. Keyword Finder (suggests long-tail queries and search volumes but only allows a few daily searches) and Keyword.io (suggest long-tail queries but does not provide search volumes) are free (but limited) tools you can start off with if you’re on a budget. And of course, there’s always Google’s very own Keyword Planner that’s integrated into Adwords.

By far the best premium keyword research tool is Moz Pro’s Keyword Explorer. You start by searching your main keyword and it will return a comprehensive list of keywords that you can rank for relevancy and search volume. From there, you can go down the list and pick out the long-tail keyword phrases or search queries. The great thing about the Keyword Explorer is that you can click on any long-tail keyword to generate a new list of queries related to that keyword. The new list features more long-tail queries than the initial list.

Google’s Voice Search

Perhaps the most interesting development in keyword strategy is Google’s voice search and natural language capabilities. According to Google, 20% of mobile searches are now voice searches! This trend is quickly taking and has prompted Google to create answer boxes and Knowledge Graph panels. Here you can also find a fun infographic regarding the matter.

Let’s take a look at how natural language, both spoken and typed, has changed search. For example, users, like you, used to search for “keyword research”, but now ask, “what is keyword research?” or “what is the most effective keyword research strategy?” You can see the change from keywords to long-tail keywords or queries. Voice search capability is quickening this development in SEO content marketing.

So how can you keep up with this development to plan an effective SEO content marketing strategy?

(1) Look at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for your industry or brand and match this to your existing content. Do you have pages or posts that address those questions? If so, make sure that the questions are put forward in a very natural way and are highlighted on the page.

(2) Create an FAQ page for questions that you can answer in a couple of paragraphs. Answer the questions in clear, concise and natural language.

(3) Try and come up with long-form content for the questions by breaking them up into “What, when, why, how, who and where?” components. Create subheadings for each so that search engines can index them and users can easily find the content.

Wrapping Up

A good understanding and grasp of user intent, long-tail keywords, and Google voice search will help you better refine your keyword, and overall SEO, strategy for 2017. Start to figure out what your audience really wants so you can begin communicating with them in the best way as soon as possible.

Mohit Saini is a freelancer and is actively engaged with several websites providing with articles on technology. He likes to stay updated with the current tech news related to Web Hosting and Domain Registration. For any questions, mail him 11mohitsaini@gmail.com


Top 5 Unique Ways to Better Connect With Your Audience Through Surveys

Would you agree that knowing the goals, passions, and struggles of your audience would grow your blog quickly? If so, you’d be right. But how do you get in the mind of your audience?

The best way to intimately understand your audience is through surveys. I want to share with you 5 unique ways you can better understand your audience using simple surveys.

5 Unique Ways to Better Connect with Your Audience Through Surveys

1. The Annual Reader Survey

A great strategy to employ in an effort to stay in touch with your audience is the annual reader survey. This is the most lengthy of all the surveys listed here.

The goal is for you to get a thorough understanding of both the demographics and psychographics of your audience.

The demographics help you to understand the average age of your audience, life stage, income level, education level, and so on.

The psychographics assists you in getting into the mind of your audience. What are their goals, passions, and struggles? What fears do they have and what keeps them awake at night?

One of the best examples of a blogger who does the annual reader survey well is Michael Hyatt. I’ve used his template in the past to survey my own audiences with success.

2. The Occasional Deep Dive Survey

Whether you decide to go for the annual reader survey or not, I’d strongly encourage you to at the very least start with a deep dive survey.

The goal of the deep-dive survey is to only ask 3-6 questions that give you the highest participation with the most important information you want.

For example, one of the most important questions you can ask your audience is: “What’s the single biggest challenge you have with [insert topic]?”

The goal then is for you to group all your answers into 3-5 customer segment buckets. Now, you have a strategy for creating products and services driven by direct feedback from your audience and not something you just assumed.

3. The Segment Your Traffic Survey

After the deep-dive survey, He uses a survey strategy he calls the micro-commitment survey. I call it the segment your traffic survey.

What if you were able to engage your website visitors into a quick survey that places them into the topic they are most interested in? Would it be easy to get them to open emails and possibly purchase products and services from you? Of course, it would.

4. The Product Launch Survey

I’ve deployed this survey strategy before every online course I’ve ever created. I usually like to ask 5-7 questions only. I use the feedback to better understand what to include in the course. Also, it makes for great copy for your sales pages.

For example, before launching Kindle Your Passion, I asked my audience: “Have you every thought about publishing a Kindle book?” When 87% of them said “yes” I knew this was a high demand product.

5. The Pivot Survey

Ryan Levesque also uses this survey strategy in his business as well. I love this idea and plan to use it in my business. Essentially, this survey is an email that goes out to non-buyers of your product and simply asks them: “What would you like to learn about next?”

Depending on what they select you can have an autoresponder email sequence triggered to deliver them future content about that topic. While it may take the time to set this up, it’s a great automated strategy to work toward.

Mohit Saini is a freelancer and is actively engaged with several websites providing with articles on technology. He likes to stay updated with the current tech news related to Web Hosting and Domain Registration. For any questions, mail him 11mohitsaini@gmail.com


Top 3 Ways To make money from Facebook/How To Make Money With Facebook

How to make money with facebook app:

Everyone has a question in his mind. That how to make money. Many peoples doing 9 to 5 jobs for the money. And some else using online platforms to earn money. Hence everyone making money. So if you want to know how to make money from the Facebook app. This article is for you. First of all, I tell you that there is no shortcut to earning money from Facebook. You have to do daily work. It’s hard to do it in the start. But it’s almost simple. Therefore if you work with the routine you will probably get results. First of all, I will give you information about the Facebook app. Then I will tell the probably best ways to make money. So without wasting the time. Let’s get started.

Facebook app:

Facebook app is a product of the Facebook company. You can simply download the Facebook app from Google play store. Nowadays everyone is using Facebook. Hence if you want to make money. First of all, make an account on the app. Now you can make a page or group. In order to earn money, you have to post on your page daily and make it popular. More the peoples like your page the more is your income.

Ways to earn money from Facebook:

Everyone want to earn money. So if you want to earn money online facebook is a must have an option for you. There are many ways you can earn money from Facebook. Therefore I will tell you all the provable ways to earn money. So let’s get started don’t forget to share this articles with your Facebook friends.

  • By promoting products: so if you have a Facebook page or group with a good audience. You can contact different product sellers and promote their products on your Facebook fan page or group and can charge a commission on a sale .
  • By selling pages or group: you can earn a good amount of money by selling your popular page or group which is active. Many people are there to purchase your pages you can sell them online by giving an ad on your own page.
  • By video monetisation: Facebook announced that you can earn money from your videos by placing ads between them. It will be starting from April 2017 you can add ads in your live videos and can make money but there is a condition. That your page has minimum 2000 followers.

Earn money by display advertising on fb page:

You can earn money from your facebook fan page by showing ads on it. Display advertisement on Facebook page with a active following base is good. You can give or paste adlinks on your post. The easiest methods are posting amazon associate ads link on your page. You can make your account on flipkart and amazon associate and can get the ad links. Hence you just have to post them on your profile. Whenever they got a deal from your link. You will get commission from the company. You can advertise different companies product on your page . Some of them are following.

  1. Amazon: you can make an account on Amazon associate and can get product URL.Then just paste the URL on your page post. Whenever a sale is made you will get a commission.
  2. Flipkart: similarly like amazon, you can use Flipkart affiliate links and post them on your page similarly you will get a commission when a sale made.
  3. Godaddy and hostgator: you can promote godaddy and hostgator products. like hosting or seo services on your page and can get a commission.
  4. Myntra and shopclues: like flipkart and amazon you can promote mantra and shopclues products on your page and can make money.

Tips to get more likes on your facebook pages:

  1. Post daily on the page :  In order to get your page more active. You have to post on a regular base. I suggest you post daily 5 to 10 photos and 3 to 6 videos on your page and tell your user to share them you will get likes if the post goes viral.
  2. Run a Facebook campaign: If you wants a result. I suggest that you can run an ad campaign. Using Facebook ads to get likes on your facebook page.
  3. Do social campaign: you can promote your page by doing the social campaign. You can promote your page in social media.
  4. Go live daily: live stream daily on your FB page. Interact with your followers and tell them to share your stream. Hence you reach more people and get more likes.

My personal review on making money with facebook:

Yes you can . This is all I want to say. If you want to earn money from online work this is how to make money. Facebook is a must have option for all of you . I personally using these methods . In my case I am using Facebook page for promoting my website EarnWebTech.com. I am driving traffic from my page to my website. You can join my Fb page here . In my point of view making money from facebook is easy than other works you just need to have proper knowledge.

Mohit Saini is a freelancer and is actively engaged with several websites providing with articles on technology. He likes to stay updated with the current tech news related to Web Hosting and Domain Registration. For any questions, mail him 11mohitsaini@gmail.com

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How to Create a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog With a Custom Domian And Web Hosting

Build a website blog using WordPress: 

Do you want to create a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog, How? You can Build a website. Everyone in today’s world is using online platforms. So if you have a social presence. You must try to build a website and can earn some bucks from it. So if you planning to build a website blog I will guide you step by step. So, first of all, you have to purchase a domain name and web hosting. Here is a full guide to Purchase cheap domain name and web hosting. So you can get an idea to purchase it. Many peoples were earning money from their blogs. You also can make money. Therefore it was a nice idea to publish your work on your own website. Today I will tell you how you can build a website blog. So after purchasing a domain name and hosting you have to link your domain name to web hosting.

Build your own website blog using WordPress:

Build a website After linking your domain name to your web hosting. You have to install WordPress.After installing WordPress you have to select a theme for your site.You can check that your website will be now online. You can select the different plugin. Hence plugin is always useful. First of all, customize your theme by going to appearance settings. You can upload your logo. After making all the basic settings you need to install following some basic plugins.

  1. Yoast SEO: Yoast SEO is the best all in one SEO plugin you need for on page SEO of your website. You can purchase it or use it for free. By using Yoast SEO you can easily generate your website sitemap and submit it to the Google , Bing, and handed webmaster tools. Therefore your site will be added to search engines. It helps search engine to easily index your site. Yoast SEO helps you to write good SEO posts.
  2.  Akismet plugin: The Akismet plugin is another best plugin which filters the spam comments on your site. It is a very useful plugin. You just have to install it and activate. After activation, you have to verify through API key. After activating you can select your basic settings and it filter out the spam comments.
  3. Google analytics: Google analytics is Google’s own product and free as well. You can easily track the traffic using it. It is very useful to give you an idea how to improve your website traffic. You can see your bounce rate. Page views as well as new and returning visitors. Just install it and activate and link it to your Google analytic account.
  4. Cache plugins: Cache plugins are very useful for your website. By using these visitors can easily access your website and increase your website speed.So make sure to install it. And tell about it to your users in your privacy policy.

Web design: How to design your website:

There are much paid web designing available online.But if you are a newbie and don’t want to purchase. You can easily design your website in WordPress there are many themes available in WordPress for free. You can use them and can customize them.Hence it is not a big deal.But make sure that you are using a clean and neat theme because it is easy to load and can improve your rankings.

Things to keep in mind before designing a website with WordPress.

  1. Make sure your theme is neat and clean: First of all, you have to select a theme for your website. Make sure your theme is not that heavy. The theme should be neat and clean. There should be a limited image in it. Because Google just hates images in blogs. Hence Google news also don’t include media files to it.
  2. Make sure to make categories for your post: If you are writing about a particular niche. Then you don’t have to care about it. But if you are writing about technology and on another thing. You have to create categories section so that viewers can easily locate their interests.
  3. Make this pages for sure: You have to make pages for your website. The must have pages are About us Privacy policy, contact us, disclaimer pages you can make them in pages section easily in WordPress.
  4. Customize your layout: layout customization is good for the website. Add a useful widget to your layout you can easily custom your layout.By going to customize layout section in WordPress.

Tips to improve your Website rank:

  1. Post regular: Always try to post your work regularly.If you post regularly then chances of your growing are increased. Always try to update your post it can help your audience as well as your traffic rank.
  2. Don’t steal anyone content: Don’t ever try to be smart. Copying and pasting others work is prohibited and illegal. If you want to use Adsense on your site make sure that all the content on your site belongs to you.
  3. Do proper on page SEO: on page SEO is the best thing you can do with your post.It was increased the chance to get rank.Using Yoast plugin is best ways to do on page SEO.
  4. Off page SEO: off page SEO is very important for your site and post to rank. Make some good quality back links.
  5. Be active on social media: Always try to get active on social media. Share your post on social media. It can drive traffic to your website.

If you have any questions or queries feel free to comment below I will try to answer it as soon as possible.

Mohit Saini is a freelancer and is actively engaged with several websites providing with articles on technology. He likes to stay updated with the current tech news related to Web Hosting and Domain Registration. For any questions, mail him 11mohitsaini@gmail.com

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Where to get cheap domain names web hosting for low budget website

Purchase cheap domain names web hosting for the low budget website:

Getting online in today’s world is a must have a thing to survive. Today you can get everything online. Business owners who have their website making great deals.So if you are a business owner no matter how big is your business. Hence if you have a small or big business. Then you must make a website for your business. In today’s article, I guide you to purchase cheap domain names web hosting. So you can make a low budget website. So if you are planning for a website.This article can guide you to make a low budget website. Even if you want to start a blog you get tips from this article. First of all, let me clear that you can also earn money by blogging. Therefore if you want to earn money from blogging. Then your own website is great option to start.

What is domain name and web hosting:

First of all if you want to make website. You have to know that what is web hosting and domain name . So let me clear a domain name is your website address like www.earnwebtech.com an example. And web hosting is that server that host your files. In simple words they store your data on their server. So that a user can access your website 24×7. So for making a website both these are important.There are many types of web hosting are in the market. You can purchase them to run your website.

Where to get cheap domain names web hosting for your website :

Many domain names provider are in the market like godaddy,hostgator,bluehost, and many others . But I recognize that if you want cheap domain name web hosting for a year,godaddy is best option. You can get a domain name from godaddy in just 1.5 dollars. Therefore I recognize godaddy to purchase a domain for newbies. Similarly you can get different hosting plans from godaddy,hostgator,and bluehost. In the case you are beginner hostgator company’s baby plan is best for you. Similarly you can purchase web hosting from godaddy in just 3 dollars for a month. If you are planning a website I suggest you to purchase a domain with .com because .com domains give better results in search engines.you can change your hosting plans as you grow.

Key points to remember before purchasing cheap domain names web hosting :

  1. Purchase .com domains : always try to purchase a .com domain. Because it’s good from seo point of view. You can see when you are searching for a website .com sites appears first automatically so always try to purchase a .com domain name.
  2. Buy web hosting with unlimited bandwidth: let me clear what is bandwidth. bandwidth is a unit that how many user can access your site at one time. Let an eg your bandwidth is 100mb and one user take 1mb bandwidth. So only 100 user can access your website at a time. if 1 more user try to access your site he can’t get access. the user experience get bad impression and he never comes back to your site. So always try to purchase a web hosting with unlimited bandwidth.
  3.  Take web hosting from company which have great customer support: always try to call customer care before purchasing web hosting from company. If you find customer care user friendly then make a deal with them. In that case I recommend hostgator because they have a professional user friendly customer care support team.
  4.  Don’t buy from untrustworthy sources: never purchase web hosting from untrustworthy companies. They can damage your data. So be professional and let the brand company like godaddy,hostgator to handle your hosting.

My personal review about godaddy:

As you all know that godaddy is a popular brand. The godaddy gives you great deals on web hosting and domain names. You can get both cheap domain names and the web hosting from godaddy. You can purchase a domain from this site for one year in just 1.5$. They also provide web hosting plans . So if you are newbie and your budget is low you can get hosting in just 3$ per month. There customer care team is not that much supportive.otherwise it give same things that other popular web hosting companies give.

Personal review about hostgator :

From my point of view hostgator is best hosting providers. Their baby plan is best for newbies.You can change your plans as you grow they also provide cheap domains. The prices are almost same but the thing I love about hostgator is there customer care team. Their customers care team is very supportive.They helps like professionals. So if you plan to purchase web hosting hostgator is a good option for you.

Wraping it up:

In the end I want to say if you are going to plan a website. Then you can purchase cheap domain name from godaddy. And best web hosting from the hostgator team. Must remember about purchasing .com domains. And remember the key points I have mentioned earlier. If you have any questions feel free to comment. I will give a reply in 24 hours .

Mohit Saini is a freelancer and is actively engaged with several websites providing with articles on technology. He likes to stay updated with the current tech news related to Web Hosting and Domain Registration. For any questions, mail him 11mohitsaini@gmail.com

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Top 5 Types Of Blog Traffic And How to Get More Traffic Starting Today

I think each blogger has put forth that expression eventually. Who doesn’t need more blog movement?

You invest valuable time and vitality creating your blog entries.

In the event that lone more individuals thought about them, isn’t that so?

While the motivation behind this post is to impart to you some of my most loved approaches to produce blog activity, I have to dissipate a myth.

More activity shouldn’t be your lone need.

Not at all like when you’re driving, activity is something you need when you’re beginning a blog. Traffic measures the quantity of individuals who are going to your site and where they are originating from. Today’s associated world permits individuals to get to your site from a wide assortment of roads. They won’t generally sort it straightforwardly into the hunt bar. Once in a while, they’ll originate from online networking or from Google, or from another website completely.

In the event that your blog is a thumping heart, then Traffic is the blood that moves through its veins. This is the manner by which you bring individuals into your image, change them into paying clients, and draw in with them too. Movement is everything, except not all Traffic, is made an equivalent.

We should investigate the five primary sorts of activity you can hope to get to your site, and how you can enhance and saddle them.Start by better adapting the movement you as of now have. That is the place you will discover shrouded gold.

1. Direct Traffic

While we can contend that there are more than five approaches to get web movement to your website, I think you’ll see they all fit under five umbrellas (or classes) of activity.

This is regularly alluded to as TOMA movement, which remains for “top of mind mindfulness.”

Before all else, you won’t have much direct movement, however, the more you remain in the amusement, the more prominent the possibility individuals will sort in your space so as to come visit you.

This first kind of traffic is about more or less basic. This is the sort of traffic that happens when somebody writes your URL into their web program and comes specifically to your website. You won’t have a great deal of this toward the start, yet in the event that you advance your blog all over, you’ll soon find that individuals come specifically to you.

This sort of movement can be enhanced with the correct advancements and brand building. It accompanies time as individuals become acquainted with your image and it shows up at the highest point of their mind when they are hunting down comparable items or administrations. In all likelihood, these will be guests who have been to your site before and who had an extraordinary ordeal.

2. Organic Search

Natural pursuit is the cash of site design improvement (SEO). This is the movement you watch to perceive how your enhancement endeavors are going and measure advance against. Enhancing your natural pursuit is something you can undoubtedly do with the best possible procedures set up.

Here are some of my top procedures for enhancing your SEO (and your natural pursuit activity) rapidly:

  • Introduce Yoast SEO in case you’re utilizing WordPress (it’s free!)
  • Utilize instruments like io to discover and target long-tail catchphrases (more than 2 words in the expression).
  • Approach your substance with the objective of giving inside and out data and esteem. Compose for individuals, not web indexes.
  • Seek your opposition for point thoughts and concentrate on things your gathering of people is discussing.
  • Fabricate backlinks from different locales by visitor posting and banding together with influencers
  • Conceptualize watchword phrases I would use Google to discover my post.
  • Search for catchphrases with low watchword rivalry scores (under 35 is perfect)
  • Create a title with the picked watchword state
  • Connect the catchphrase expression to the Yoast SEO module to streamline for the web indexes

These are quite recently a portion of the ways you can expand your natural activity. Google has truly several components they consider when positioning sites, so each and every piece tallies.

3. Social Media

Our next kind of traffic originates from online networking stages like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Individuals may have clicked a promotion, or they could have tailed one of your presents on your site. In any case, in case you’re seeing this then you’re accomplishing something ideal with your web-based social networking showcasing.

Enhancing this kind of traffic originates from practicing control. Try not to attempt to be wherever all the time via web-based networking media stages. Pick the ones that your group of onlookers is most dynamic on and center your endeavors there.

Another approach to enhance this traffic is to support or elevate presents that tendon performs well. Facebook, for instance, offers this at a beginning cost of just $5.

We as a whole need more web-based social networking movement. Yet, don’t wrongly try to be wherever at the same time. Rather ask, “Which online networking channel does my optimal target group of onlookers hang out on the most?” Then, dive deep, and get intensely included in that one channel.

Try not too tragically try to be wherever at the same time.

Another strategy for more online networking traffic is to be inventive in advancing your blog entries. You require an agenda to trail you hit the distribute catch.

4. Referral Traffic

One of the quickest approaches to get traffic to your blog when you are first beginning is referral movement. To be fruitful at this movement stream you have to answer this capable question: “Where does my intended interest group go at this moment for data on my point?”

Referral movement is the thing that happens when somebody clicks a connection on another site that prompts your own. Known as backlinks, these are a colossal SEO procedure and a reasonable sign to Google that individuals consider you to be a specialist.

Referral movement is enhanced by gaining new backlinks for your site. The ideal approach to do this, past making incredible substance, is to compose visitor posts on different locales. Numerous different online journals in your specialty in all likelihood acknowledge visitor posts and will offer you a connection back to your web page inside it.

This will help you construct roads back to your site, which will, thus, produce referral traffic.

When you aggregate a rundown of spots, apply one of these three systems:

  • Be A Guest Expert – Write a visitor post, do a podcast meeting, or offer a video tribute.
  • Do A Joint Venture Webinar – Teach what you know in an online class configuration to another person’s gathering of people.
  • Have A Virtual Summit – Host an online gathering where you talk with specialists from the spots where your optimal crowd is as of now hanging out.

5. Paid Traffic

At long last, there’s dependably the alternative to making a speculation. Regardless of whether this is as promotions via web-based networking media or a PPC (pay-per-click) crusade, there are approaches to using capital in light of a legitimate concern for conveying individuals to your website.

An extraordinary illustration is run a sweepstake or challenge on your site. This would produce immense measures of buzz around your image and give you the chance to welcome endless new individuals to your online group.

Enhancing this sort of traffic is done through research and focused on crusades that use information about your gathering of people to settle on the best choices and contact the ideal individuals.

Need more blog traffic before the day’s over? Go get a few. Today like never before, we have simple to utilize promoting stages.

While there are numerous approaches to do publicizing, there’s no compelling reason to over-confound it. Here’s a straightforward Facebook advertisement technique I as of late utilized:

  1. Recorded a five moment Facebook Live video.
  2. Helped the video for $30.
  3. Directed a particular, well-known Facebook fan page to show my new video.
  4. Gotten more than 2,897 engagements on the video.

The fact is, you don’t need to spend enormous totals of cash to start promoting and drive more movement to your site.

Last Thoughts

Traffic is unbelievably essential, however, it’s apparently more imperative that you comprehend and use the different sorts of movement that come into your site. This will help you focus on the correct sorts of individuals and eventually get more from every guest.

How would you organize and enhance your movement? Tell us in the remarks!

Mohit Saini is a freelancer and is actively engaged with several websites providing with articles on technology. He likes to stay updated with the current tech news related to Web Hosting and Domain Registration. For any questions, mail him 11mohitsaini@gmail.com

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How to Create A Privacy Policy For Your Blog In Just Minutes

Mohit SainiMohit Saini is a freelancer and is actively engaged with several websites providing with articles on technology. He likes to stay updated with the current tech news related to Web Hosting and Domain Registration. For any questions, mail him 11mohitsaini@gmail.com

Mohit Saini is a freelancer and is actively engaged with several websites providing with articles on technology. He likes to stay updated with the current tech news related to Web Hosting and Domain Registration. For any questions, mail him 11mohitsaini@gmail.com

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7 Things Android Users Can Do That Apple iPhone Users Can Only Dream Of

Android users rejoice – your phones come with a range of unique features and functions that your fruit-flavored rivals can only dream of.

Google’s Android and Apple iOS devices have become public rivals over the last few years, as consumers increasingly choose to side with one or the other. Despite the two companies actually working slightly more closely together in the last few months, it seems that the battle for smartphone hearts and minds is set to continue for a while yet – but Android fans can at least take heart from the fact that their devices can boast the following stand-out features.

Get More Choice In Their Device

To begin with, Android has long been viewed as the more open and inclusive system. Apple is the only company currently making devices that run iOS – and that leaves customers with less choice. In contrast, Google’s open-source operating system is open to everyone, with manufacturers building everything from cheap phones to high-end flagship devices.

Far from being stuck in a one or two-year product cycle, Android users have a huge amount of devices to choose from to enjoy their software – and, processing power apart, many will, in fact, inter-relate and work well together, with setting up and getting running a quick and simple process.

Personalize Their Devices

Another well-publicized selling point for Android devices is the sheer amount of customization available. And it’s not just the wider array of hardware styles and sizes. From a software perspective, Android devices again offer much more.Almost all leading Android manufacturers allow for the creation of customized backgrounds, lock screen images, color schemes, even the service you use to type.
Whether it’s a picture of your pet, loved one or even just a snappy picture, the ability to set your phone to your liking is a major selling point for Android owners. Many leading devices also allow users to mold and personalize how the software looks.HTC recently added the ability to use custom stickers to represent apps – letting users transform their grid of apps into a cartoonist work of art, with each character representing a favorite Android app. Regardless of the quality of the end result, it’s undoubtedly more personal than Apple’s clinical grid of app icons.

Amazing Widgets

Another key part of the customization is Android’s use of widgets. Going one-step beyond apps by acting as a constant presence on your home screen (or any other screen, if you’d prefer), widgets make getting the information you need, when you need it, quick and simple. Without needing to fire up an app, users can check the weather, monitor calendar appointments for the day, or track your footsteps or other fitness information – all speedily at your fingertips.
Android devices will come with a wide number of widget options pre-installed or offer up a number of new alternatives via the Google Play app store – meaning you need never miss out on key information.
Apple did introduce its own version of widgets last year, but these are much more limited than their Android counterparts and are imprisoned within the notification area.

Add Extra And More Flexible Storage

Lots of us today use our phones for much more than just calls, as many Android devices now carry a camera powerful enough to take extremely detailed shots. But what if you want to quickly move and upload these pictures onto your home PC or laptop?
For iOS users, this often requires the fiddly installation of extra programs and going through several steps to ensure that the files you want are going to the right place. However, Android users are able to just plug and play their devices, thanks to the ubiquity of USB and USB-C chargers that power the majority of devices on the market today.
All that’s needed is a quick swipe down to tell the device that you want it to act as an extra drive, and you’re all set to use it as you would a regular USB stick, able to drag, copy and shift around all those precious files.
Adding extra storage space to Android devices is also far easier than Apple phones, as the former often come with support for micro-SD cards, which let you hold on to more of your treasured content without having to make tough decisions about what to keep or delete.

Multi-Tasking Via Multi-Window

With all these apps and widgets on your phone, sometimes things can get a little cluttered – especially if you don’t have a particularly big screen. Phone manufacturers have in the last few months finally woken up to the idea that multi-tasking can be done on smartphones, and for now at least, Android is leading the way.
Many of the top devices, including Samsung’s flagships, offer multi-screen views when using your device, similar to the split or quad screen experience you can have on a Windows PC, meaning you can have multiple apps in operation at the same time.
This is often hugely useful for those of us who like to work or check various news feeds on the go – but for iOS users, the function is limited to tablet devices such as the iPad, whereas smartphones are left behind.

Smoother Notifications

Notifications are a key part of staying on top of both your important communications and various social media feeds, so it’s often vital that they stick around where you can see them. However, for iOS users, this can often be tricky, as unlocking and re-locking their device will cause lock screen notifications to disappear – meaning you could miss something crucial.
Android devices, however, will keep both their icons and notification presence until dismissed or accessed, meaning there’s no danger of missing out.

Free Up Space Quickly

Some of the apps you use will often download photos, videos, and other data onto your phone whilst you use them. This is particularly true for apps that use photos and videos such as Vine, Twitter, and Instagram, which often use a lot of storage space to keep information related to these downloads.
If you have an iPhone, you can usually only get this space back by deleting and re-installing the app (unless – like Google Maps – the developer has included the option within the app itself) which can be extremely restrictive, particularly if you have a smaller capacity device.
However for Android users, these apps often include an option to simply clear the cache, quickly freeing up space that iOS versions cannot – and even if not, you can also clear the cache of an app in the Android software.

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Top Ways To Promote Your Website With Social Media

Social media is a word, which most of the website owners are familiar. It is a fact that the internet is considered to be the major platform for the people for sharing and interacting with each other. This is the reason why social media marketing cannot be ignored.

It is important for you to understand that social media marketing is one of the most widely applied techniques through which you can interact, share and acquire knowledge about different issues and topics as well as promote your content and offers. It is helpful in building your brand image.

Here, I take you through the ways to promote your website with the help of Social Media Marketing.

Do you know that the major advantage of social media is that you can make your site informative and helpful for others?

YES, with the help of quality content and with rational information, you can easily enhance your natural listing among the top search engines available on the internet.

Creating compelling content is the first step that you have to take in building your audience base. However, without active marketing and promoting your content, you would not gain much visitors. So, to build your audience base, you have to adopt promotion methods, and there is no better way to promote your content than to do it on Social Media.

The methods offered by social media marketing are diverse. It is a powerful medium for reaching out to your target audience.

There are also some other methods available as well which include the use of white papers, blog writing, keyword targeted articles, press releases, RSS feeds, etc. For definite success, you can give priority to any of these methods.

Social media marketing and optimization involve direct planning and strategy layout with the help of which websites avail good popularity and ranking in the social sites as well as search engines.

How to Build Social Media Strategy

Besides this, you can say that social media optimization is a set of methods with the help of which you can generate a good amount of publicity via the internet and at the same time make a link in between websites and online communities.

It is significant for you to know that social media can also make the process of bookmarking and tagging quite easy. For instance, if the content available on a site is tagged then it will be visible to other people generating a viral traffic. If you wish to comprise social media tagging on your site, then you can go for various tagging links.

Some of the available tagging links are Del.icio.us, Digg, Technorati, Reddit, etc. It is an interesting fact for you to know that these tags can be included with other pages of the site in addition to the home page. Furthermore, when the visitors click the tag button of your site then creating a suggestion box will be an additional benefit. This will help the visitor to acquire an appropriate category and notes.

With the help of social media optimization, you can certainly produce traffic onto your site. Nowadays, it is a choice for most of the business personnel.

As a matter of fact, as much as 80% of marketers are already promoting their content on social media.

This is because it stays ahead of all the other publicity methods available in the market. Surely, if your content is published in the form of an article, audio or video file then it will attract a large number of visitors within a short period.

These are all the valuable things which you can acquire from social media. Your site will not only have its presence on the internet but also ranked in top websites by all the search engines.

Let us see some of the very popular and effective ways of promoting your website with the help of social media channels.

Produce Intriguing and Useful Content

To be able to promote your website with the help of Social Media, the first and foremost step that you need to take is to come up with intriguing and useful content for your social media audience.

You must understand that social media savvy readers won’t just share ANY content.

So, the content you produce must be unique, sophisticated and should provide useful information that is rarely found anywhere else.

This is the first and an essential step that you need to take for making your social media marketing efforts a great success.

Nowadays, titles and images form an integral part of content creation. Intriguing titles and images invariably attract readers.

You should always make efforts to come up with creative titles that can save you from getting lost in the crowd.

An interesting and creative title makes the first impression, and the reader is tempted to open and read your content.

Eventually, the reader will share your content, if it is interesting.

Secondly, images in your content play an important part when it comes to sharing your content on social media platforms.

After all, Social Media is all about images, big and colorful. So, you should populate your content with unique and recognizable images.

You can share infographics as well as also use free tools for creating blog graphics.

Integrate Social Sharing Buttons on your Website

Integrating your blog or website with Social Media goes a long way in promoting your website or blog on social media channels.

It is crucial to bridge the gap between popular social media sites and your content. People who visit your site need an easy way to share your content.

By integrating social media elements into your site, you provide them with an opportunity to share your content easily.

For this, you can integrate social media buttons on your site which will help readers to share your content.

Use of Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking lets you share your blog or website page across social media sites such as Pinterest, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Digg, etc. All these social media sites have a large audience base. It is the best way to reach out to the readers. So, you should share your blog posts on as many top social media sites as you can.

Whenever a visitor clicks on your post on a social bookmarking site and likes your post, it increases the post rankings on it thereby providing you an opportunity to feature on the top pages on social bookmarking sites.

This helps you to gain more visitors for your post as it becomes visible to other visitors. So, you reach out to searchers and enthusiasts and spread your message in an easy and effective way.

However, there are certain things you must be careful about while doing social bookmarking.

First of all, you need to share posts at a consistent frequency.

You can even use scheduling tools such as Hootsuite, Buffer, SproutSocial, etc. Remember to update on a regular basis.

You should also check out for the optimal time for posting using free social bookmarking tools.

Always remember to share a photo with the post.

Using Social Networks

There’s one thing about social networks, and that is there are lots of them. Each month the list keeps on increasing.

There are big social networks as well as niche social networks.

However, it is difficult to gain interaction on every social network. A better strategy is to focus your efforts on promoting your website on some of the best social networks.

It would be a good strategy to focus on just a couple of social networks so that you can channelize your efforts and gain best results.

In selecting a social network, there are a few points that you should always take a note.

The first step should be to identify the target reader. Once you identify your target readers, next determine the social networks that are preferred by your target readers.

In general, the social networks that send the most traffic to blogs or websites include:

• Facebook
• Twitter
• Google+
• LinkedIn
• Pinterest
• YouTube

If you are targeting around professional readers, you might get good traffic volume from Google+ and LinkedIn. On the other hand, if your target audience is visual, it would make sense to focus on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

1. Promoting Your Website on Facebook

Promoting your website on Facebook requires you to have Facebook Business Fan Page. Visual component and layout are key aspects of the Facebook experience.
To further your conversation with audiences on Facebook, you need to post industry-related articles, images, and videos.

Typically Facebook offers three different ways to post your content: link posts, posts with images, and video/rich media posts.

You should schedule and submit your post as a basic Facebook update on your profile as well as Facebook page.

Some other tips for promoting your website on Facebook is:

Identify active groups in your niche and share your posts in each of these groups.

Message your friends and colleagues in your Facebook network and ask them to share your post on their profile, page, and group.

Let them know that you have created a useful and interesting piece of content.

There are numerous Facebook Groups for nearly every niche. Join these groups and share your content.


2. Tweet it on Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular social media marketing platforms that let you broadcast your updates across the web.

You need to follow tweeters in your industry or related fields and should gain a steady stream of followers in return.

You can tweet regarding discounts, new launches, news update and can even promote your blog post links with attractive titles and images.

You can even sometimes post fun and quirky tweets. Use Twitter to interact as much as possible.

You can follow these useful tips for gaining traction for your blog posts on Twitter.

You can use Twitter’s search function to find tweets that have similar content as your blog post. Reply to their tweets and share similar content that is useful for them.

You can direct message to people that have shared similar content

Always remember that people who have shared your posts in the past are most probable to share your new content. Message them about your new post and ask them to share it.

3. Use Google+

Google+ is another popular social media platform. You can use Google+ to upload and share videos, posts, images, and links.

You can segment your followers using Google+ circles and promote special offers to followers in that circle. Google+ allows you to view all your +1s.

Google+ is a hybrid of Facebook and Twitter. It offers Hangout feature and allows you to host video conferences.

Try experimenting with Google+ to gain followers and popularize your blog or website on this powerful platform.

You can look out for people in your niche who have shared similar content and share your post with them. They are most likely to promote your post in their groups and peer circles who have similar interests.

4. Pinterest

Pinterest image-centered social media platform has gained widespread popularity.

You can use Pinterest to showcase your product offerings and develop your brand’s personality with some unique pinboards.

5. YouTube

YouTube is the first and number one place for sharing video content. If you want to profit from this incredibly powerful social media marketing platform, focus on creating interesting “how to” videos.

With “How to” Videos you also get the opportunity to rank in Google search results.

Join Social Communities

You can join Facebook and LinkedIn groups that are relevant to your niche. By joining social communities, you can gain recognition for yourself and your blog.

You should start by participating in conversations and helping those who have questions. Later on, you can share your posts links.

Use Paid Social Media Advertising

Paid social media advertising is highly worthwhile as it helps to expand your reach in a cost effective way.

It offers you with an opportunity to showcase your content and offers to a huge audience at a very low cost.

However, it is recommended that you should limit your social media advertising efforts to only major networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.

It is always better to promote your content in your niche.

You can segment by age groups, demographics, and other factors so that you find the right set of audience who might be interested in your products and services.

That way, you can make your efforts count and better utilize paid social media advertising.

Use Social Media Management Tools

There are quite a few of social media networks that you have to manage to promote your website effectively on social media channels.

That’s why it becomes utmost important to use effectively and manage social media sites. Social Media Analytics has taken a forefront.

With Social Media Management Tools, you can automate most of your social media tasks and hence can save lots of your time and effort.

These were some of the quick and effective ways to promote your website with the help of social media channels.

Social Media Marketing is both fun and effective at the same time. Plus, social media signals play an important role towards your website’s search engine rankings.

So, you should effectively utilize social media networks for promoting your website or blog.

Mohit Saini is a freelancer and is actively engaged with several websites providing with articles on technology. He likes to stay updated with the current tech news related to Web Hosting and Domain Registration. For any questions, mail him 11mohitsaini@gmail.com


How to get Subscribers on YouTube?

The way to become popular on YouTube is to increase your YouTube Subscribers. It is the best platform for hosting videos. It’s a huge traffic source. As a matter of fact, YouTube receives over 30 million visits per day.

So, if you also want to take advantage of this powerful Video Platform, you have to increase the number of subscribers for your YouTube channel. In this post, I have shown How to get Subscribers for YouTube channels.

The popularity of Video-Blogging is growing by leaps and bounds.

The reason being that a Video has the inherent capacity to connect with people on a deeper level. Moreover, the future is for Video Marketing. It is estimated that in 2017, 74 percent of all internet traffic will be video.

So, if you have a large subscriber base for YouTube Channel, there is every likelihood that you end up getting more viewers for your videos hosted on YouTube Platform.

Whenever subscribers log in to their YouTube Account, your Videos get featured on their list which invariably increases the chances of it being viewed.

With increased viewership on YouTube, your videos get a favorable lift on Google SERPs. So, Whenever viewers search for Video Results on Google, your Videos get featured amongst the top results.

So, there is a boost in the organic traffic for your Video Channel. Thus, it pays to do YouTube SEO.

Here, is a list of powerful tips which will help you to elevate your YouTube presence and increase your subscribers on YouTube.

Tips to Increase YouTube Subscribers

If you are looking to get more YouTube subscribers to your channel and want to increase the reach of your YouTube Videos, just go through this list featuring the methods to increase your Subscribers on YouTube.

So, let’s go ahead and see how to get subscribers on YouTube fast and easy. There’s surely a lot of audience waiting to be grabbed for your uploaded video.

YouTube is the best platform to broaden your Internet Reach. Use these smart ways to get more YouTube Subscribers and Viewers.

Get Going by Posting Quality and Useful Content

It is one of the essential prerequisites for getting more subscribers and viewers for your YouTube Channel. So, post quality and useful content on your YouTube Channel.

Terrible quality videos utterly disappoint viewers. It lowers your brand value when viewers see useless content coming their way. So, if you want to promote your brand then make it a thumb rule to post unique and quality content.

You can take inspiration from trending and popular topics and go on to post your unique twist on those. You can even come with a Q&A Video and help your target audience in solving their popular problems.

Remember that only those videos are a hit with the audiences that goes on to address their main pain points.

So, you should create Video Content that addresses their needs.

Be Consistent

One of the keys to getting more subscribers on YouTube is to be consistent with your uploads. So, you should focus on providing as much content as you can.

You should make a point to upload videos at least once a week. More videos will get you more search result which in turn helps to get more subscribers.

However, you should avoid posting too many videos per week as it can clog up your channel and make it difficult for viewers to find what they want.

Here, a good habit is to group videos into playlists so that it becomes easy for people to find videos they are interested.

Come up with a Schedule and Stick to it

It is good for your subscribers to know when your next video will be available. So, make a schedule and stick to it. You should be uploading your videos at regular times throughout the week.

It enables your subscribers to know when the next video will be available so that they can return to your channel when the video is uploaded.

If people know that you regularly produce content, they are more likely to subscribe to your channel. You can even consider the live streaming your videos as they are often placed higher in YouTube Search Results.

Tag your Videos properly

Proper tagging of your videos is important as it enables your videos to show up in relevant searches. Here, it is important to note that all of your tags should match the content of your videos.

On the other hand, if your videos are not properly tagged, people will leave after few seconds and will never return again. When it comes to tagging your videos, you can use multi-word tags as well as single words.

Make sure that you use relevant tags that are mostly searched by people. Plus, you should not use more than 15 hashtags per video as YouTube will ignore all such hashtag and may not display your video in the search results.

Come up with a Proper Title and Description

Titles and descriptions are the first impressions of your YouTube Video. If you want to make your presence felt on YouTube Channel, then you should choose your title and description wisely.

YouTube has set the maximum title length at 100 characters. So, your title should be as clear and concise as possible. In fact, a title is the first thing viewers will look at before they go on to click your content.

The title has the potential to attract the attention of your audience. It should be descriptive and accurate. Make your title and description as straightforward as possible.

Never leave your description as blank. Instead, write unique and keyword rich content in the description.

You can even include URLs in the description so that you can send traffic to your website or other social channels.

Have a Clear Call-to-Action

YouTube provides a big opportunity to build a relationship with your target audience. It has built-in features which enable you to incorporate a Call-to-Action (CTA) in your videos easily.

You have already tasted success as viewers go on to click on and watch your video content.

As they have shown interested in your content; you can get them to complete the desired next step.

So, it is important for you to let your audience know what they have to do to further the relationship.

So, if you want to grow your subscriber’s list then you’re Call-to-Action should be something like “subscribe now.”

There are different ways by which you can include a Call-to-Action on your YouTube Videos. Some of the prominent ways you can do this:

  • Include Call-to-Action Buttons to your content
  • Have a vocal Call-to-Action wherein the person speaking in the video can tell the audience what action to take next
  • Include a Text Call-to-Action wherein you can use titles or captions for sharing information and suggestions with your target audience

Come up with an engaging YouTube Trailer

An engaging YouTube Trailer has the potential to attract new YouTube Subscribers to your channel. With a YouTube trailer, your potential audience members can have a look at what your content is all about.

An engaging YouTube Trailer has clear CTA encouraging viewers to subscribe. It entertains the viewers and indicates the type of videos your viewers can expect.

Craft the look of your YouTube Channel

Your YouTube Channel should carry your brand style and brand voice wherever possible. It should be professional as well as aesthetically pleasing.

The overall look of your channel should carry the sentiment and vision of your organization. Branding your channel is an important means of getting more subscribers.

So, besides focusing on the content, spend time on your channel icon. It visually represents your channel across Google and YouTube.

Another important element in crafting your YouTube Channel is the Channel Art. It is the banner across the top of your channel. It is used to show off your channel’s personality.

Personalize your Video Thumbnails

It is important to package your video series with a consistent look and feel. So, it’s a great idea to personalize your video thumbnails.

You can make use of branded fonts, colors, and images. Moreover, custom thumbnails enable viewers to pick your video out from other thumbnails.

Use Annotations

It is important to make your videos engaging and interactive to gain subscribers on YouTube. An easy way to do this is to use annotations. Using annotations, you can layer text, links, and hotspots over your video thereby enriching the video experience by adding information and interactivity.

Some common annotation use:

  • Allowing viewers to skip ahead
  • Suggesting other Videos
  • Adding a Call-to-Action
  • Linking to your website
  • Linking to your subscribe button for your channel

By using annotations, you can encourage viewers to watch more thereby boosting your channel’s watch time.

Keep Your Videos Short

An average YouTube video runs for 4.4 minutes. So, it makes sense to keep your videos of shorter duration so that you can easily keep your audience’s attention.

Some experts suggest that three minutes is the ideal length of a YouTube Video. So, keep your videos short. However, if you have an interview or speech, you will need to extend the limit to convey the story properly.

The underlining thought is that the video should be liked and appreciated by viewers. A positive review will only help to gain more subscribers.

Some study says videos of about ten minutes get more view. So you should test videos with different length.

Collaborate with other YouTubers

Like other social media networks, YouTube also provides the opportunity to connect with numerous communities relevant to your organization or brand.

So, you can collaborate with such YouTubers within your industry on a video or series of videos. It is beneficial as it gives your brand visibility in new markets and you can also gain new subscribers on YouTube.

Here are some good ideas for YouTube partnerships:

  • Uploading your videos to each others’ channels
  • Collaborating through social media
  • Guest Appearances in each others’ videos
  • Exchanging shout-outs
  • Collaborating with Google Hangouts on-air

Interact with your audience

YouTube isn’t a place for just dumping your content and then forgetting about it. Rather, it’s a place for social media engagement where you interact with your audience.

So, you should not only take up to answering questions from your audience but also encourage them to ask such questions by providing quality content that warrants comments.

You should also find out what members of your specific community are interested in. The crux is to establish yourself as an active member of the community.

It will help you to gain more subscribers. So, you should take some time out to view other YouTubers Channels and post appropriate questions and comments.

You should also encourage your audience members for asking questions and contributing ideas for your future content.

Use ‘Subscribe’ buttons on your blog

The YouTube Channel can be used to link to your official web page. It’s a good idea to channelize your YouTube visitors into your blog or website.

So, make sure you use the YouTube option to link to your website or blog if you got one. Moreover, it also verifies your channel as an authentic representation of your brand on YouTube.

For this, you have to add your website’s URL in the channel’s settings of your YouTube page for linking your channel and its associated web page.

Similarly, you can add ‘Subscribe’ buttons on your blog for driving more subscribers to your YouTube Channel.

End your Videos on a High Note

Whatever may be the nature of your published videos, always make a point to end your videos on a high note.

Don’t forget to ask for subscription and like. If you never ask, the answer will always be no.

End your videos on a positive note with a stride of confidence in helping your audience. It helps to keep your visitors eager for more.

You can even create an Outro with a standard banner across all your videos. You can also have annotations for a subscribe button.

Reward your Subscribers

One way of getting more subscribers on YouTube is to reward them. When you give them a reason to subscribe, they would certainly like to follow your YouTube Channel.

So, give them a chance to win free things, prizes, and valuable assets. When you give out an incentive, you certainly advance on your way for getting more subscribers.

Never miss a chance in showing gratitude for your subscribers. You can host a contest, or offer a giveaway in exchange for them being loyal fans. It shows your dedication and makes them feel appreciated.

So you see that there are countless ways of getting new subscribers on YouTube. You just have to focus on what your audience wants, and then you have the opportunity to build a dedicated community.

Always create quality content that is associated with your audience’s interests and needs. You will certainly see that your subscriber base is growing on YouTube.

Hope you will like this blog. If you have any questions please leave a comment below.

Mohit Saini is a freelancer and is actively engaged with several websites providing with articles on technology. He likes to stay updated with the current tech news related to Web Hosting and Domain Registration. For any questions, mail him 11mohitsaini@gmail.com