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Where to get cheap domain names web hosting for low budget website

Where to get cheap domain names web hosting for low budget website

Purchase cheap domain names web hosting for the low budget website:

Getting online in today’s world is a must have a thing to survive. Today you can get everything online. Business owners who have their website making great deals.So if you are a business owner no matter how big is your business. Hence if you have a small or big business. Then you must make a website for your business. In today’s article, I guide you to purchase cheap domain names web hosting. So you can make a low budget website. So if you are planning for a website.This article can guide you to make a low budget website. Even if you want to start a blog you get tips from this article. First of all, let me clear that you can also earn money by blogging. Therefore if you want to earn money from blogging. Then your own website is great option to start.

What is domain name and web hosting:

First of all if you want to make website. You have to know that what is web hosting and domain name . So let me clear a domain name is your website address like www.earnwebtech.com an example. And web hosting is that server that host your files. In simple words they store your data on their server. So that a user can access your website 24×7. So for making a website both these are important.There are many types of web hosting are in the market. You can purchase them to run your website.

Where to get cheap domain names web hosting for your website :

Many domain names provider are in the market like godaddy,hostgator,bluehost, and many others . But I recognize that if you want cheap domain name web hosting for a year,godaddy is best option. You can get a domain name from godaddy in just 1.5 dollars. Therefore I recognize godaddy to purchase a domain for newbies. Similarly you can get different hosting plans from godaddy,hostgator,and bluehost. In the case you are beginner hostgator company’s baby plan is best for you. Similarly you can purchase web hosting from godaddy in just 3 dollars for a month. If you are planning a website I suggest you to purchase a domain with .com because .com domains give better results in search engines.you can change your hosting plans as you grow.

Key points to remember before purchasing cheap domain names web hosting :

  1. Purchase .com domains : always try to purchase a .com domain. Because it’s good from seo point of view. You can see when you are searching for a website .com sites appears first automatically so always try to purchase a .com domain name.
  2. Buy web hosting with unlimited bandwidth: let me clear what is bandwidth. bandwidth is a unit that how many user can access your site at one time. Let an eg your bandwidth is 100mb and one user take 1mb bandwidth. So only 100 user can access your website at a time. if 1 more user try to access your site he can’t get access. the user experience get bad impression and he never comes back to your site. So always try to purchase a web hosting with unlimited bandwidth.
  3.  Take web hosting from company which have great customer support: always try to call customer care before purchasing web hosting from company. If you find customer care user friendly then make a deal with them. In that case I recommend hostgator because they have a professional user friendly customer care support team.
  4.  Don’t buy from untrustworthy sources: never purchase web hosting from untrustworthy companies. They can damage your data. So be professional and let the brand company like godaddy,hostgator to handle your hosting.

My personal review about godaddy:

As you all know that godaddy is a popular brand. The godaddy gives you great deals on web hosting and domain names. You can get both cheap domain names and the web hosting from godaddy. You can purchase a domain from this site for one year in just 1.5$. They also provide web hosting plans . So if you are newbie and your budget is low you can get hosting in just 3$ per month. There customer care team is not that much supportive.otherwise it give same things that other popular web hosting companies give.

Personal review about hostgator :

From my point of view hostgator is best hosting providers. Their baby plan is best for newbies.You can change your plans as you grow they also provide cheap domains. The prices are almost same but the thing I love about hostgator is there customer care team. Their customers care team is very supportive.They helps like professionals. So if you plan to purchase web hosting hostgator is a good option for you.

Wraping it up:

In the end I want to say if you are going to plan a website. Then you can purchase cheap domain name from godaddy. And best web hosting from the hostgator team. Must remember about purchasing .com domains. And remember the key points I have mentioned earlier. If you have any questions feel free to comment. I will give a reply in 24 hours .

Mohit Saini is a freelancer and is actively engaged with several websites providing with articles on technology. He likes to stay updated with the current tech news related to Web Hosting and Domain Registration. For any questions, mail him 11mohitsaini@gmail.com

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