DBA to go big on online expansion to add premium brands

One Team….. One Dream…. ooooh… Yessss !!!!!!!(DBA)

(DBA)Here is a good news for distributors of Dynamic beneficial accord marketing Pvt Ltd, our company is upgrading itself on large scale.

In this year company is adding new brands which are very likely unique and coming with latest designs with reasonable prices.

Have you heard by URL system of the company?

If yes then you are very lucky because you are connected with DBA.

If no then you need to know about whole URL system.

Company Details:-

Name- Dynamic Beneficial Accord Marketing Pvt Ltd

Launch Date- 11-11-2011

Startup Date- 22-11-2011

New Brands Associates with us- Earthy scent, Mr.Huffman, Ifazone, Asort, ABG, Sulasta, Kuefitt, Haul

New brand launches in New Delhi Event

Congratulations to all distributors who have associated with DBA.

Work-  Deal with Fashion

History and Achievements:-

In 2011:- Distributors – 150

Area- 1200 sq foot

In 2014:- Turnover- 40 crore

Distributors- 31113

In 2016:- Turnover – 82 crore

Distributors- 90k

Product Selling in top 3 states:-

  1. Punjab
  2. Haryana
  3. Rajasthan

Currently, 22 states covered by our company.

Dynamic beneficial accord marketing Pvt Ltd company is a single company who is launching e-commerce.

After the Online system of  2 December 2016  within the one year, 1,46000 people is connected with DBA

In 2017:- warehouse size is upgraded from 10k to 2,50,000sq foot

In 2018:- Expansion of Business

1. Build a nation

2. footprint

The company is launching new website and These websites will help you in generate income from URL system.



DBA is providing a business opportunity not any kind of job. If you really want your career and want to become a successful business owner you can try DBA.

































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At the end of the year, 2018 company is launching 100+ brands. I think DBA is the best platform to start your career. Please give us reviews about this post if you like it and connect with us we will provide you latest information about Dynamic beneficial accord marketing Pvt Ltd. 

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